A photograph from the interior of the tomb of Salome. Image Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority.

Is This the Tomb of Salome, the Midwife Who Delivered Jesus?

Archeologists have found conclusive evidence that a cave discovered decades ago is indeed the resting place of Salome, the midwife who assisted in the birth of Jesus Christ. 


Archeologists have discovered ancient artifacts in the tomb of a woman called Salome. This woman is said to have witnessed the birth of baby Jesus Christ.  The tomb of Salome was discovered in the 1980s by grave robbers to the west of Jerusalem. Despite decades having passed since its discovery, only now have archeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority discovered new evidence pointing to the tomb as a holy pilgrimage site.

An inscription etched on the grotto walls led researchers to confirm that this ancient tomb was indeed that of Salome. This woman is, according to history, an important character who served as the midwife assistant at the birth of Jesus, as recounted by the Gospel of James. Despite the importance of Salome, she remains a figure shrouded in mystery.


The cult of Salome

The family tomb reveals a plethora of information. Its owners were a very wealthy family that came from the lowlands of Judea. The cult of Salome, sanctified in Christianity, in fact, belongs to a much larger phenomenon through which Christain pilgrims of the fifth century found and sanctified ancient Jewish sites.

As explained by researchers, the cave became popularly called Salome Cave in the Byzantine and Early Islamic periods due to people identifying it as the burial site of Salome, the midwife of Jesus.

A large research area

As revealed by Israel21c, the forecourt being investigated by researchers is around 4000 square feet. It is enclosed by ashlar stone walls featuring a stone slab and mosaic floors. The pathway that leads into the burial of the cave and chapel is richly decorated with various designs of arr, featuring rosettes, pomegranates as well as acanthus vases. This discovery is undoubtedly a find of the decade.


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