An image of one of the objects spotted by US Navy Pilots. Image Credit: U.S. Department of Defense/Navy Times.

Japan’s Defense Ministry to Inquire About US Navy UFO Footage

Japan wants to draw up protocols in order to help their Fighter Pilots deal with UFOs.

Recently, the United States Government declassified three videos filmed by Navy Pilots showing what has since been dubbed ” Unexplained Aerial Phenomena.” This, of course, is just “UFO” but written with different words and a nicer ring to it. An unexplained aerial phenomenon is also less conspirative, which means it won’t make people as uncomfortable as the acronym UFO we’ve all been accustomed too.

The sole fact that the government said to the world, yes, these three UFO videos are real is a huge deal for UFO hunters and Ufologists around the globe. It means that most people that have seen a UFO in the sky are not crazy, and it points to the fact that the UFO phenomenon is not a conspiracy, at least not anymore.

The footage millions of people have already seen was filmed by veteran Navy pilots using infrared camera systems between November 2004, and January 2015. Unofficially, the were leaked to the general public a few years ago.

Despite the fact that the videos have been circulating online for several years, to this date, no one can say with certainty what the pilots encountered in the skies of the United States—not even the pilots themselves. Whatever the pilots saw was strange enough to arouse excitement, as the pilots are heard discussing the objects surprisingly, with one pilot even saying “What the F*ck is that thing”?

If you ask the Pentagon, the pilots encountered “unidentified aerial phenomena,” or if you prefer UFOs; unidentified flying objects.

Although the pilots did encounter UFO, that doesn’t necessarily make it alien. Many people have speculated—and continue doing so—that many of the UFOs witnessed by the general population around the globe is, in fact, experiment technology, being tested by secret government branches. However, that theory has a small conspirative degree to it, so it is best to agree that whatever the plots saw and filed during routine missions off the coast of the United States is an aerial object that was interesting enough to excite even veteran pilots.

Image Credit: United States Department of Defense.
Image Credit: United States Department of Defense.

Japan responds to UFO videos

The declassified videos have obviously made the world think a bit harder about the possibility that we are actually being “visited” by beings not from Earth. That, of course, has a conspirative ring to it, although many people are convinced of the idea we are not alone in the universe.

Whatever the case might be, the Japanese government is interested in the videos released by the Pentagon, specifically what the objects were, or what experts think they were.

According to Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono, military pilots from Japan have never encountered a UFO. To better understand what American colleagues filed, Kono is seeking advice from the US Defense Department, to better understand what American pilots saw. This is in order to draw up an official plan that would be used by Japanese Pilots if they ever did encounter a UFO or UAP.

“No SDF [Self-Defence Force] pilot has encountered a UFO. The videos have come from the US Defence Department so I would like to hear their analysis,” Kato said. “I don’t really believe in UFOs. We would like to establish procedures in the event an encounter takes place with a UFO.”

But despite the claims made by Defense minister Kono, a Japanese Research group says that UFOs are not a surprise to the Japanese government.

As revealed b the director of the “Japan Center for Extraterrestrial intelligence,” Greg Sullivan, the Japanese government should have knowledge of more than a dozen encounters between Japanese pilots and UAPs since all have been reported to the government.

As revealed by SCMP, Japan is a hot zone for Unidentified Flying Objects. Various flashing UFOs have been reported over the city of Nagata in November 2016, and at least “10 white globes” were seen over the skies of Osaka in July 2015. Furthermore, the report of “mystery lightly” in the pesky over the skies of the Japanese city of Okinawa are traced back to 2014.

“People are hungry for information to be released, and in all the years that I have been traveling across Japan, I’ve heard a lot of people’s UFO experiences,” Sullivan revealed in an interview.

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