UFO hotspots map. Credit: AARO.

Japan’s Skies: A Magnet for UFOs, Pentagon Data Reveals

New insights from Pentagon's AARO website highlight Japan as a hub for unidentified aerial phenomena.


Recently disclosed data by the Pentagon marks western and southern Japan as UFO enthusiasts’ latest focal point. Spanning over 27 years, from 1996 to 2023, the data is now accessible to the public.

The All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website displays a map illustrating major UFO sighting locations. Notably, regions near Nagasaki and Hiroshima—the sites of the historic atomic bombings in 1945—emerge as predominant “hot spots.” In the world of ufology, this term signifies areas reporting frequent UFO encounters.


From Historic City to “UFO Town”

A surge in unverified sightings has turned Iino-machi, located in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, into a veritable “UFO Town.” Embracing the newfound intrigue, local administrators have set up UFO-themed amenities hoping to lure enthusiasts of the unknown. Fukushima also hosts the International UFO Laboratory, which alleges receiving nearly 494 mysterious sighting reports in the past year alone.

Japan isn’t the sole focus. As you can see in the map, other areas marked by nuclear events, military presence, or conflict—such as Iraq, Syria, and the American southeast—have also seen spikes in UFO sightings. Considering the Pentagon’s involvement, the spotlight on regions significant to the U.S. and its security narrative is unsurprising. This data aligns with claims of heightened UFO activity around nuclear sites, especially since World War II, explaining the particular interest in Japan.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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