Leading Astronomer Says Search For Alien Life Needs to Be Taken More Seriously

Leading experts agree that the search for intelligent alien life needs to be taken more seriously, and greater funds should be allocated to SETI.

One leading astronomer, head of one of the national observatories from the United States has recently said that the search for intelligent alien life in the cosmos needs to be taken more seriously.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr. Anthony Beasley has explained that the search for alien life needs greater government support, and said that so far, the effort to find aliens has been shunned by government research funders for decades.

Dr. Beasely, who is the director of the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville in Virginia, has explained that SETI needs to step up its game, and everyone else with it and that it was not the “time for Seti to come in from the cold and be properly integrated to all other areas of astronomy”.

The astronomer made comments during the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Seattle. Dr. Beasley explained that SETI should undergo an important transition in the near future, where it ought to be integrated and sed into all other areas of astronomy, in an effort to ramp up the hunt for alien life in the vastness of space.

The comments by Dr. Beasely come not long after one of the private sector funders of SETI announced the use of the VLA observatory in New Mexico, in an effort to explore the universe for possible traces of alien life. The Very Large Array observatory is regarded as one of the most equipped telescopes anywhere in the world.

Dr. Andrew Siemion, the head of the Breakthrough Listen Project–a privately funded project whose aim is to discover alien life–agrees with Dr. Beasley, saying that SETI needs to be transformed in order for mankind to discover the mysteries the cosmos has in store for the human race.

An artists rendering of an alien space ship. Shutterstock.
An artists rendering of an alien space ship. Shutterstock.

“We would like to see Seti transformed from a small cabal of scientists and engineers in California, isolated from academia to one that is as much an integral part of astronomy and astrophysics as any other field of inquiry,” revealed Siemion, the BBC reports.

However, helping SETI connect with other efforts that are tasked with exploring the cosmos and search for possible traces of alien life isn’t the only thing we need to see happen.

According to experts, the search for intelligent alien life should be taken much more seriously by experts, since if it were to happen, it would cause the current human understanding of the cosmos to take a whole different direction.

If scientists take the hunt for aliens more seriously, and greater funds become available for that goal, it wouldn’t mark the first time mankind spends cash trying to find aliens. In fact, NASA once funded the search for intelligent alien life for around $10 million a year.

However, this funding was scrapped by Senator Richard Bryan in 1993 as he though the search for aliens was no more than a waste of money.

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