Life on mars

Life On Mars: What Mankind Needs To Do In Order To Live On The Red Planet

SpaceX is working on a Starship that can carry approximately 100 passengers to the red planet.

Multiple organizations in different countries are planning to send a limited number of astronauts to Mars. Certain organizations have recruited ordinary citizens and are training them to survive on Mars.

NASA and SpaceX are two of the most prominent institutions that are planning to send humans to Mars. It may take up to 10 years, according to NASA. However, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, wants to do by 2024.

The red planet is considered the most habitable planet next to Earth in our solar system. However, there are certain obstacles that need to be considered if we are to go there and stay.

If you travel to Mars with just necessary camping equipment, you’d eventually die of radiation poisoning; the red planet’s atmosphere is thin. You’d also end up frozen and dead long before that as the temperatures of Mars generally drop to Antarctic levels. Furthermore, you’d suffocate trying to breathe as the atmosphere is mostly made up of carbon dioxide.

We haven’t even discussed the storms that hit Mars every 26 months. These storms are made up of fine dust particles that get caught in the atmosphere. Hence, they cloud the daylight, and the condition usually lasts for months.

However, humans can survive on Mars if we somehow overcome the following obstacles:

SpaceX starship
Future exploration of Mars with SpaceX Starship. Source: SpaceX

Spacecraft that can land safely:

NASA is working on a mission to Mars, so they could assess the situation accurately. There are multiple factors that need to be considered, including the landing on Mars. NASA can land a 1-ton vehicle on the surface of Mars. However, for a human to land safely, we’d need to park about 10 tons upon the surface. The spacecraft would also need to land safely on the surface, not on the mountains.

Moreover, SpaceX is working on its Starship, something of a reusable interplanetary spaceship that would be capable of carrying approximately 100 passengers at a time to the red planet.

Start growing things as only a limited number of resources can be transferred:

We can only carry a limited number of resources to Mars. Also, the atmosphere on Mars is not up to par. Hence, we cannot initiate farming. However, certain scientists stumbled upon a substance called ‘silica aerogel’ that can allegedly replicate the Earth’s atmosphere and can shield crops from harmful radiations.

We would need to blast off from Mars:

There’s only a one-way ticket to Mars as yet. Even if we somehow move to Mars, we cannot return unless and until we have the required resources to bring back the ship.

The infrastructure:

We cannot remain confined in a small camp. Hence, we’d need to construct multiple elements that are necessary for humans to survive, and it’s not an easy task. As I have mentioned above, the weather of Mars is unpredictable and gets cold. We need a proper plan for things to work out. It could take several years, to be honest.

Mankind can certainly survive on the red planet only if we solve the aforementioned problems. Science is unstoppable and will ultimately succeed.

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