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UFO or not?

Logan Paul confirms he has the “most convincing UFO video ever”

Logan Paul UFO Video

Controversial YouTuber and Boxing Enthusiast Claims to Possess 'Most Convincing' UFO Evidence

Logan Paul, popular YouTuber, and boxer, has set the internet abuzz by verifying a circulating rumor about his possession of a 1995 UFO video, touted as the most compelling proof of extraterrestrial life ever filmed.

Logan Paul Confirms UFO Video

In his most recent podcast episode, Impaulsive, the 28-year-old online sensation finally cleared the air. The tale spun by the documentary creator, James Fox, on The Joe Rogan Show a few days prior received a nod from Paul. He affirmed Fox’s assertion that he unsuccessfully attempted to procure the tape from a Nevada resident, Chuck Clark, for a hefty $100,000.

A Canny Move?

According to Paul, his bid to buy the footage after viewing it was unsuccessful, but he managed to capture it anyway. “I’m a crafty individual,” Paul quipped during the podcast. By his account, he sneakily filmed the screen with a concealed camera while being shown the video.

Twisted Motivation?

Paul defended his actions, stating that although it might seem underhanded to surreptitiously record the UFO footage, the original tape wasn’t rightfully Clark’s either. He criticized Clark for withholding what he thought to be crucial evidence of extraterrestrial life. “Why hide it?” Paul asked, condemning what he viewed as a disservice to the world.

A Second Opinion

Although hesitant to publish the video, Paul wanted to share it with Bob Lazar, a contentious figure known for his alleged reverse-engineering of recovered UFOs for the US government during the 1980s.

A Glimmer of Hope

Paul stated that he remains hopeful about the authenticity of the footage, citing the alleged performance of the alien ship on the 1995 tape. He noted that some elements he observed in the UFO’s behavior were impossible to recreate with the VFX technology of that time. Could this be the ultimate proof of alien life? Or is it another hoax?

The interview:

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