Motionless UFO Filmed in the Sky

Man Films UFO Hovering in The Sky Motionless for Hours

As per reports, the object remained in the sky, floating, without doing anything for nearly two hours.


In light of so many UFOs sighted in the last few years, I cannot help and wonder why we haven’t gotten the ultimate video evidence of alien spaceships flying around. Well, maybe we have, but we just can’t tell the difference. Maybe “their” technology is so much ahead of our time that we just can’t recognize is as such. After all, wouldn’t aliens that are able to travel light-years in the distance have a technology that’s something like what a car is to ants here on Earth? Despite the probable gap in the technological difference between super-advanced aliens and humans, people around the globe has seen inexplicable stuff in the sky.

Is there evidence?

Perhaps the “ultimate” of such evidence is the declassified videos released by the United States Navy a few years back. The videos I refer to are the ones where we see unidentified flying objects being pursued by Navy fighter Jets. The videos in these objects seem not to have any visible means of propulsion, no wings, tails, or any other structural assimilation to flying vehicles we are custom to on Earth. There are other videos like the one filmed off the coast of Costa Rica, where a US border patrol helicopter spots a fast-moving UFO. The object eventually seems to seamlessly enter the ocean, disappear for a few seconds and re-emerge. But when the object reappears, it splits into two. That, to me, is unusual. And if you ask me, I honestly believe that object isn’t a technology created by humankind.


UFO hoaxers and the damage they do

In an ocean of UFO hoax videos that have flooded the internet, it is extremely difficult to discern between a real, potential UFO sighting and what a computer-generated video is. Hoax videos are everywhere, and the damage that they cause to serious UFO research is something that I covered here. Having that said, not all UFO videos circulating the internet are necessarily a hoax. Some might be genuine. Some most definitely are.


Triangle UFO

(If the video is not showing, click here.)

Having that said, this UFO video has caught my attention. The video shows a black triangular UFO hovering motionless in the sky for hours. The video was filmed in January 2022 over Pakistani skies. As per the individual who filmed the video, the sighting occurred after the witness had just landed a drone. Suddenly, the witness looked at the sky and saw a strange object. He immediately took out his phone and began filming. The intriguing video offers unique insight into a strange object in the sky, but also the surprise and excitement of the individual who managed to film what he has seen in the sky. As per reports, the object remained in the sky, floating, without doing anything for nearly two hours. It remained there until sunset.

The man filming the UFO was even bored at one point, saying that he wanted the object to do something instead of just sitting there motionless. As per CTC, he didn’t try flying his drone near the object since its battery had run out. Had he been able to fly the drone, it would probably have been some of the most epic UFO footage out there. If, of course, the object filmed here is the real deal.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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