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Meet the 16 NASA Scientists Who Will Study UFOs

NASA has selected a team of sixteen scientists from various universities and several fields to study UFOs for nine months.


Who is better qualified to study UFOs than a space agency that uses, designs, and operates some of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment? NASA should have gotten into the UFO business decades ago. Despite the Agency previously amply denying having anything to do with Unidentified Flying Objects, in 2022, things changed. And they changed big time. UFOs are no longer a conspiracy. The Pentagon wants in and has its very own UFO study group. US/ Congress wants transparency and even implied that some of these objects might not be of this world. Altogether, UFOs are no longer what they were decades ago. Also, they are now e subject of great interest. People talk about UFOs. Politicians want to learn more. The military is unsure whether it should be worried. And scientists have become curious.

NASA’s UFO study team

Finally, things in the UFO world are as they should be. People work together to understand better what these objects are and where they come from. More importantly, NASA did not gather just a random bunch of people into their UFO group. They seem to take the subject seriously into account. And the Agency is making sure to do the best it can, with the best people in the field, to get to the bottom of UFOs. Much has been said about NASA’s UFO group, but we have not had concrete answers. That is until now. The space agency has recently revealed it has selected a group of sixteen people that will participate in its UFO task group. As per the Agency, the independent study will begin on Monday, October 24.


Studying UFOs for nine months

In the course of nine months, a lot can hepper. A mother can conceive and have a baby in nine months. Wars can start, and wars will hopefully end. Progress in space exploration can be made. But also, over the course of nine months, a dedicated scientific team will lay the groundwork for future studies on the nature of UAPs for NASA. Additionally, to do this, the Agency will work to identify how data is collected by civilian government entities. But also, they will use data from other sources that can be analyzed to shed light on the issue of the unidentified. Speaking about NASA’s “UFO task force,” Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate at NASA, said that “exploring the unknown in space and the atmosphere is at the heart of who we are at NASA.”

In essence, what Zurbuchen said in the latest NASA statement is that scientists will work hard to understand the data. Also, he revealed that this would help draw concise conclusions, scientific conclusions, about what is happening in the skies of our planet. A total of sixteen scientists from different universities will work in the new UFO group. You can find the entire list of experts by clicking here. The NASA official who will lead the study is Daniel Evans. Evans is the assistant deputy associate administrator for research at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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