A photograph of Mars rising behind the Moon. Image Credit: Andrew McCarthy.

Mind-Bending Photo of Mars Rising Behind the Moon

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy, known for his magical astrophotography shots, has captured the planet Mars rising behind the Moon.


Astrophotography is a true art. And there are many, many good astrophotographers out there. I am a huge fan of Andrew McCarthy, who has been showing millions of people around the world the magic of astrophotography. His work evokes many emotions in people who know how to appreciate the work, the talent, and above all, the stunning view of our skies. After all, our universe is full of magic. Andrew has taken surreal photographs of space in the past. Among my favorite personals are his shots of the Sun, the Moon, and the ISS passing just above the Moon. On November 30, 2022, Andrew McCarthy posted on Twitter a mind-altering shot of Mars. But he has many more stunning shots of the skies, which you can check out on his Instagram, Twitter account, or website.

Mars rising behind the Moon

In his latest astrophotography adventure, Andrew captured a stunning photograph of Earth’s natural satellite, but with an extra surprise. The astrophotographer also managed to capture the moment Mars, the red planet, pops up just behind our Moon, making an already perfect photograph so much more. McCarthy captured the photograph on December 7, and to make it happen, had to pray to the gods of astrophotography. As he reveals on his Twitter account, several clouds interrupted his attempt at photographing the Moon and Mars. Nevertheless, and like all true astrophotographers, he did not give up but waited patiently. His patience paid off after finally capturing one of the most striking photographs of the red planet and Earth’s satellite, Mars, rising behind the Moon. KUDOS to you, Mr. Mcarthy, and we look forward to seeing more of your talented work. Check out a high-quality photograph of Mars rising behind the Moon by clicking here.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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