Mind-Boggling Video Shows Man Walking Upside Down Underwater

What did I just watch?

Truly bizarre footage has emerged of a man that appears to walk underwater upside down, prompting Netizens to ask whether he is walking right side up or upside down?

The bottom of the boat. Is he walking upside down?
The bottom of the boat. Is he walking upside down?

The video, which has caused confusion among many, shows a diver that appears to be taking a walk on the bottom of the ocean floor in Venezuela.

At first glance, the diver, equipped with goggles only, appear to be walking across a rock face at the bottom of the ocean floor.

In the mind-bending video, we also see an underwater river.

The diver is filmed repeatedly jumping over the underwater river as he continues to make his way across the rocky surface of the ocean floor.

Eventually, as he arrives near the edge of the rock, the illusion becomes clear.

As the diver approaches the ‘cliff’ he seems to dive off the apparent underwater cliff. However, instead, the diver surfaces out of the water.

Curiously, if you take a close look, you can spot the bottom of a nearby boat floating nearby.

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