Mysterious Alien Artifacts Could be Lurking in our Solar System, Harvard Scientist Claims

We need to pay close attention to other potential 'interstellar visitors' traveling through our solar system.

Long have authors and scholars theorized we are not alone in the universe, and evidence of an alien existence could even be found within our very own solar system.

And while we continue to actively search for aliens, evidence of extraterrestrial life could even be found near Earth.

Harvard astronomers have suggested we need to actively seek out and study interstellar objects which travel through our solar system, arriving from Deep Space, as they suggest some of them could be alien probes, or artifacts, sent to search our solar system for life, by advanced aliens.

This note comes after ‘Oumuamua, zipped past Earth in 2017.

‘Oumuamua, a cigar-shaped object, was identified as the first interstellar space rock with a few bizarre characteristics. As it circled the sun and sped through the solar system, the mysterious object changed direction and speed as it traveled.

And while the object probably isn’t aliens, astronomers from Harvard say that we cannot rule out that possibility.

Astronomers suggest that the weird speed and trajectory seen in ‘Oumuamua is probably due to a natural process.

Now, a new study comes from Harvard University discussing objects similar to ‘Oumuamua.

Professor Abraham Loeb, one of the experts who suggested the possibility that ‘Oumuamua is an alien probe, and colleague Amir Siraj have recently published a new study where they provide evidence that suggests the existence of lifeforms lurking in our very own solar system.

The study suggests that tens of objects similar to ‘Oumuamua may be floating through our solar system as you are reading this.

It was just by luck that we actually spotted ‘Oumuamua.

“Observing or visiting such objects could allow searching for signs of extraterrestrial life locally, without the need to send interstellar probes,” the pair wrote in the paper currently available on arXiv.

“Exploration of trapped interstellar objects could potentially help reveal the prospects of life in other star systems as well as extraterrestrial artifacts,” Loeb and Siraj added.

Now, just because the Harvard duo has written the possibility of aliens, it doesn’t mean they suggest that ever single interstellar visitor is an alien artifact or alien probe. These objects, as explained by a number of scholars, could have originated naturally outside of our solar system.

In order to understand what they truly are, we need to take a closer look at similar objects.

“Photographing or visiting these trapped objects would allow for learning about the conditions in other planetary systems, saving the need to send interstellar probes,” scientists wrote.

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