This is what remains from the fascinating Monolith in the Utah Desert. Credit: Fox 13

Mysterious Monolith From Utah Desert Vanishes Without Trace

The mysterious monolith found a week ago in the Utah desert is now gone. How and who managed to take it away remains unknown.

Do you remember the news from about a week ago about the mysterious metal monolith found in the Utah Desert? Well, guess what – the artifact has now disappeared without a trace!

The find, reminiscent of an alien structure, was made by Utah Public Safety officials during a helicopter flight over the desert as part of a bighorn sheep count mission in the southeastern state.

The authorities refused to disclose the exact location of the monolith, but people were able to find it two days after it became known from the media.

The American press noted that the object discovered in the desert is similar to the alien obelisk from Stanley Kubrick’s movie “A Space Odyssey 2001”, except that it is not black, but silver.

Authorities began investigating the site’s origins, and the state land administration announced the installation was illegal. However, the bureau said they did not remove the monolith.

Here’s what we know about the mysterious monolith

This is how the monolith looked like before it disappeared. Credit:
This is how the monolith looked like before it disappeared. Credit:

Here is something curious. The internet investigators which we all love and respect found something incredible on Google Earth. As it appears, the monolith had been standing in its place in the Utah Desert since around 2015.

This, of course, would have made it more difficult to find any trace of the author/creator of the artifact. In each case, picking up a trail right now is already impossible since the monolith is gone.

As I already mentioned, the bureau denies any involvement in the disappearance of the structure. According to a spokesman for the department, Kimberly Finch, the monolith was removed by an “unknown party” on the evening of November 27. Where the structure was installed, only a small recess in the ground and a triangular steel sheet, which previously crowned the top of the monolith, remained.

Colorado resident Riccardo Marino told a local news publication that he was on his way to the monolith on November 27. However, while driving towards the location, he saw a truck moving away from the place where the object was transporting something large at about 22:40. He did not specify who was driving the truck, however, when he arrived at the place, the monolith had already disappeared.

Theories, opinions, and controversies

Theories about the disappearance of the monolith do not differ much from the theories about its origin – they are all over the place. 

The most obvious and simple reason for it to be removed would be to prevent careless curiosity that would draw more and more attention to the location now that it was made public. Especially in the current situation worldwide, this is the last thing the government wants.

Another theory suggests that the monolith was taken by a collector of some kind. Treasure hunters have existed since the dawn of humanity and the monolith could have become yet another artifact taken by collectors. However, despite the existence of roads nearby, it would be an extremely difficult task to extract such a massive metal monolith and transport it in the middle of the night.

Other theories about the disappearance of the metal monolith suggest that it was removed by its creator. However, I personally see this version to be unlikely especially if the monolith had been standing there for 5 years. Why put it there if you do not want it to draw attention at some point?

And of course, there are those that believe the monolith was an alien creation. Logically, they also believe it was taken by the same kind.

I personally feel that authorities need to track down the truck that was seen leaving the site. This is the biggest trail we have so far although there may not be a connection. However, what is the chance that this visit was a coincidence?

Moreover, I also feel like we might see it again at a completely different location. This whole story has been entertaining so far and a second appearance across the world would make it absolutely insane.

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