Mystery object washes up on Australian beach. Image Credit: CHANNEL 9.

Mystery object from space washes up on Australian beach

A crashed UFO part? Or just another rocket fragment?


A mystery object from space washes up on an Australian beach, sparking talk about UFOs and aliens.

On Tuesday, authorities commenced an investigation into a mysterious cylindrical object, resembling a small car, that emerged on a secluded Australian beach, potentially a piece of foreign rocket debris. Others, however, took the opportunity to questions whether this enigmatic object could be part of a crashed UFO, sparking talk in the UFO community on social media.

Green Head, situated roughly 155 miles north of Perth, became an unexpected hotspot after police discovered and cordoned off the barnacle-covered object late Sunday. The Australian Space Agency is now liaising with global counterparts to identify the object, which seems to partly consist of a strange woven material.

A Mystery Object From Space

The object could have originated from a foreign space launch vehicle, the agency suggests, based on preliminary analysis. “We are reaching out to international peers who might provide further information,” the agency disclosed in a tweet.

5 Key Characteristics Unique to UFOs


European Space Agency engineer Andrea Boyd said her colleagues suspect the debris, which surfaced from the Indian Ocean, to be a fragment from an Indian rocket launched to deploy a satellite. “Based on its shape and size, we strongly believe it is an upper-stage engine from an Indian rocket frequently employed in various missions,” she informed Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Launch Nation Responsible for Clean-Up

Whoever initiated the object’s launch would be accountable for its disposal. “Under the Outer Space Treaty overseen by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, the launch nation is responsible for the object until its ultimate end,” Boyd clarified. The Indian Space Research Organization has yet to comment.

After a government chemical analysis, Western Australia Police assured on Monday that the object is safe and poses no current risk to the community. While the object was initially treated as hazardous, officials now request public distance until the object’s origins are formally identified and it’s safely removed.

False Alarm on Flight 370 Connection

While early speculations suggested the object could be debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, this theory was swiftly dismissed.


Despite warnings, intrigued locals gathered on Sunday to capture pictures with the object before police intervention. Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist and cosmologist at Australian National University, confirmed the object’s potential space origin, advising caution due to potential presence of carcinogenic fuel hydrazine.

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