UFO or not?

Mystery Sphere Washes up on a Beach in Japan

A screenshot from a video of the Sphere on a beach in Japan. Credit: NHK News.

Is it a Spy Balloon (these seem to be popular these days)? Is it a UFO, or is this some prank? Here’s what we know about the 1.5-meter sphere that washed up on a beach in Japan.

A mysterious metallic sphere has washed up on a bean in Japan, sparking debate over UFOs, aliens, and spy balloons. The mysterious object, measuring one and a half meters in diameter, has been a source of intense speculation in the online world in the past 24 hours. The object, which washed up on Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu, has experts scratching their heads, admitting they cannot conclude what the object is. What they do know, however, is that it won’t be going boom anytime soon since X-rays of the object have dismissed it as being a stray mine. Curiously, the x-ray analysis revealed the object was hollow.

Police work reveals no clues

Police were called to the scene after a woman spotted the odd-looking sphere sitting on the beach, no more than a few meters from the waters of the Pacific ocean. In an attempt to understand what the object is and where it may have come from, photographs and initial analysis of the object have been sent to the Japanese military and the coast guard. The strangest part is that the massive sphere didn’t wash up on the Japanese shore recently.

Its been sitting on the beach for a month

According to news reports, a man who regularly runs on the beach says he does not really know why the object has become such an attention grabber in the past few hours. He explained that the sphere had been sitting in that very same spot for a month. Speaking to the local news outlet NHK, he explained that he tried to push it, but the object would not budge. However, recent photographs and videos of the object have flooded the online world, with people across the planet speculating about what the object might be.

What it might be

Some more popular suggestions include a Dragon Ball from the popular Manga Series Dragon Ball. Other theories suggest the object might be yet another spy balloon and, of course, aliens and UFOs. And in the midst of all the odd explanations, some characteristics of the sphere might reveal what it is. The object has two raised handles sticking out of the sphere. This suggests that the object was hooked onto something and eventually became loose. Therefore, it is likely that the object is neither a Dragon Ball, a spy Balloon, nor a UFO but simply a mooring buoy that got loose and floated off.

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