NASA Spots India's Chandrayaan-3 Near Moon's South Pole

NASA Spots India’s Chandrayaan-3 Near Moon’s South Pole

NASA's LRO has spotted India's mission on the surface of the Moon.


NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has identified India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, nestled 600 kilometers away from the Moon’s elusive south pole. Launched by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), Chandrayaan-3 made its monumental lunar landing on August 23, 2023, marking the first mission to touch down in the south polar region of our nearest celestial neighbor.

Moon’s Magnitude and LRO’s Insight

To put things in perspective, the Moon’s equatorial girth stretches over 10,920 kilometers. A mere four days post Chandrayaan-3’s landing, the sharp-eyed LRO camera managed to capture a unique oblique shot of the lander, taken at a 42-degree roll angle. This intriguing image showcased a radiant halo surrounding the vehicle, a spectacle created by the rocket plume’s interaction with the Moon’s fine regolith, according to NASA sources.

At the heart of this lunar mission are the robust 1.7-tonne Vikram lander and the nimble 26-kilogram Pragyan rover, currently navigating and analyzing the moonlit terrains.


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