NASA shared two videos of the Ingenuity helicopter 13th flight captured by the Perseverance rover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Achieves New Milestone on Mars

Ingenuity continues to break boundaries on Mars, showcasing human achievement on alien terrains.


NASA’s Mars copter, Ingenuity, has impressively crossed the 13-kilometer mark during its latest flight over the Martian landscape. On September 3, during its 57th flight, this pioneering aircraft soared over Jezero crater for 128 seconds, traveling 217 meters at an altitude of 10 meters, reaching speeds of 3 meters per second.


Launching its first mission in April 2021, Ingenuity’s combined distance now stands at an incredible 13,130 meters, having flown for a total of 102.4 minutes. The helicopter’s navigation camera, fixed to its body and facing downward, captured the view during this 57th flight, offering a detailed look at the Martian surface beneath.


Earth-based aircraft controllers are geared up for Ingenuity’s 58th flight, slated for September 9. The upcoming journey is expected to cover a span of 171 meters. The primary objective? To reposition Ingenuity and pinpoint research-worthy locations for its partner, the Perseverance rover.

Written by Ivan Petricevic

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