New ‘Giant’ Dinosaur Species Discovered in Argentina

Researchers have discovered a completely new species of Dinosaur which they believed died while 'walking across an ancient Argentinian Desert with its two 'children' some 110 Million years ago. 

Researchers have recently uncovered an entirely new species of Dinosaur in Argentina, reports AFP.

The newly found Dino walked across the Earth’s surface some 110 million years ago, and was longer than a blue whale, with a staggering weight of up to 120 tons. The team who made the discovery was led by researchers from the National University of La Matanza in Buenos Aires.

Three separate members of the species were found by experts in Argentina. Image Credit: The Dinosaurs lived some 110 million years ago. Image Credit: Agencia CTyS/AFP / HO
Three separate members of the species were found by experts in Argentina. Image Credit: The Dinosaurs lived some 110 million years ago. Image Credit: Agencia CTyS/AFP / HO

The new species was dubbed  Lavocatisaurus Agrioensis.

Scientists found the dinosaur remains belong to the sauropod group of herbivorous dinosaurs—a diverse collection of animals characterized by extremely long necks, long tails, relatively small heads and four, thick, pillar-like legs.

Speaking about the recently discovered dinosaur, Dr. Jose Luis Carballido, a researcher at the Egidio Feruglio museum said: “We found most of the cranial bones: The snout, the jaws, a lot of teeth, also the bones that define the eye sockets.”

“We were able to create an almost complete reconstruction.”

Researchers also discovered the skeletal remains of the neck, tail, and back, od the dinosaur. Experts note that the team also found “most” of the cranial bones, including the snout, the jaws, and teeth, which allowed scientists to create an “almost complete reconstruction,

“Not only is this the discovery of a new species in an area where you wouldn’t expect to find fossils, but the skull is almost complete,” added Dr. Carballido.

The excavated remains of the dinosaur are believed to have belonged to an adult which grew 12 meters in length, and two minors who grew between six to seven meters.

According to the paleontologists, the dinosaurs moved across Argentina in a group and died together.

Study lead author Jose Ignacio Canudo of Zaragoza University explained that “This discovery of an adult and two juveniles also signifies the first record of a group displacement among the rebbachisaurid dinosaurs.”

The discovery comes as a surprise since experts say that the region where the dino bones were found is unusual for dinosaurs, as it would have been a vast desert in ancient times.

Sauropods–“lizard-hipped,” dinosaurs were the biggest creatures to ever to walk on Earth.

According to paleontologists, these creatures could grow up to 34 meters in length, and the Argentinosaurus might have weighed up to 120 tons.

However, the discovery made in Neuquen, and detailed in an article published in journal Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is beyond surprising.

“While one can imagine that this group of sauropods could have adapted to move in more arid environments, with little vegetation, little humidity, and little water, it’s an area in which you wouldn’t be looking for fossils,” explained Dr. Carballido.

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