Nissan has just transformed a pick-up truck and turned into a mind-bending world class, mobile space observatory that can view even the most distant cosmic objects in existnece.

Nissan, working with the Euroean Space Agency has added a stunning telescope that has the ability to view some of the most distant galaxies, nebulae, and supernovas in the cosmos.

As noted by CNET,  Nissan states that the PlanetWave features a 40-centimeter primary mirror, large enough to seek out distant galaxies and get up close and personal with the detailing on Saturn’s rings.

Called the Navara Dark Sky Concept, the mobile observatory is a must have for anyone who takes astronomy seriously.

Nissan’s stunning mobile observatory allows astronomers to view the cosmos from locations that are usually hard to reach but are far away from urban areas covered in light pollution.

Navara Dark Sky Concept

Navara Dark Sky Concept. Image Credit: Nissan.

The stunning concept was built in the UK in collaboration with the European Space Agency. It was unveiled at this year’s Hannover Motor Show in Germany.

The Pick-up truck driver a specially calibrated telescope which is contained inside a specially refrigerated atmosphere which allows it to remain calibrated at optimum temperatures while it’s being driven to the most remote locations for star gazing.

Once at the desired location, the trailer’s mechanized roof opens, exposing the state-of-the-art mobile telescope at the night sky.

Speaking about the stunning new project, ESA’s senior mission manager for Gaia (ESA’s space observatory that has already seen more than a billion stars), said: “The Nissan Navara Dark Sky Concept allows observations to take place in very remote places, avoiding light pollution, while also transporting telescopes safely and easily. “Telescopes like the one in the trailer are needed in studies of planets and stars in our galaxy, allowing Earth-based follow-up campaigns enabled by the Gaia data.”

The car comes equipped with a four-wheel drive and 20-inch wheels which are more than enough to take this monstrous mobile laboratory through the most challenging terrain.

As noted during the Hannover Moro Show, the Navara and it telescope-bearing trailer both feature portable EV battery packs, which make use of Nissan’s existing electric-vehicle battery technology.