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Only 22 people are needed to start a colony on Mars

A scientific study has suggested that no more than 22 people are needed to start a colony on Mars.


Scientists from George Mason University have discovered that as few as 22 individuals could kickstart a Mars colony, using advanced simulations.

As space enthusiasts dream of life on Mars, researchers grapple with logistical challenges. One paramount question has been: How many settlers would ensure a colony’s survival? This new study brings us a step closer to an answer.


Simulating a Colony on Mars

Researchers crafted a Mars colony simulation to pinpoint the number and type of settlers required. Drawing insights from past experiences like the International Space Station stays and Arctic expeditions, they incorporated factors like stress resilience and social skills into their model.

Through five simulations spanning 28 Earth years, they deduced the magic number: 22 settlers. Beyond quantity, quality mattered too. Settlers with agreeable dispositions flourished, benefiting the entire colony. Conversely, neurotic individuals jeopardized the mission’s success, having shorter lifespans.


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