Finally, the Pentagon UFO Report has been released, or at least, the preliminary assessment. See what experts found. Credit: US Navy/ Pentagon

Pentagon Releases Long-Awaited UFO Report: “These Things Really Exist”

See what experts found when they analyzed 144 UFO incidents from the past 15 years.

We all hoped this would be the day that one of the greatest mysteries in history would finally be solved. That is, what exactly are UFOs, and are they connected to aliens? But despite our desires and speculations, I doubt any of us expected that the Pentagon will include any significant data in its UFO report. And we were not wrong – these mysterious objects remain a complete mystery.

The most important part of this whole reveal is the fact that UFOs have, at least, been confirmed now, officially. The government is no longer trying to cover them or explain them with the weirdest things. Although it did not confirm the existence of aliens or extraterrestrial technology, the government does not exclude the possibility that at least some of the UFO/UAPs could be alien technology. 

Previous and Current UFO / UAP Investigation Programs

The United States has been studying UFOs for decades, and many different documents have been released over the years. But none of these facts in any way connects any unexplained phenomena with extraterrestrial activity.

The US government says it is investigating UAP / UFOs solely for reasons of national security. In a statement last August, the Department of Defense said it “takes any incursions by unauthorized aircraft into ranges or designated airspace very seriously and examines every message.” This also includes intrusion checks, which are initially classified as UAPs where the observer cannot immediately determine what he is watching.

The Pentagon had a secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that began in 2007 and ended in 2012. The project was launched to investigate unidentified phenomena, and it became known only in 2017 when the press linked the UAP to the possibility of existing activities of aliens on our planet.

AATIP has also researched crazy science fiction ideas such as invisible cloaking net, warp drives, programmable matter, and more. The initial budget for the project was estimated at $ 22 million, a rather paltry amount compared to other Pentagon budgets. Although AATIP does not exist now, the program has a successor.

In June 2020, the Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed the existence of a Task Force on Unidentified Aerial Events located within the Office of Naval Intelligence. Last December, the intelligence committee gave the Pentagon six months to prepare a report detailing the findings of the UAP task force. The deadline was set for June 25th which has now passed.

Here is what the results of the UFO report tell us about the mysterious phenomena.

Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

You can read the 9 pages presented by the Government here, or you can continue reading below to see our summary of the UFO report. As mentioned in the beginning, they did not reveal anything significant or life-changing as some may have expected. But still, it is good that the report and the Task Force behind it even exist.

According to the new UFO report, five main categories were used for describing UFOs:

• Airborne Clutter: Birds, balloons, and other interference that obstructs airborne visibility. Only one of all the cases considered falls into this category.

• Natural Atmospheric Phenomena: Natural phenomena such as ice crystals and temperature fluctuations can be detected on some infrared and radar systems.

• Classified Developmental Programs: Some of the observed UFOs may be classified as US developments, however, there is no evidence to support the objects described in this report.

• Foreign Adversary Systems: Some of the UFOs may be technologies from China, Russia, other countries, or non-governmental organizations.

• Other (possible scientific advances): most of the analyzed cases fall into this category, additional scientific research is required to study them in detail. It is planned to focus on a small number of cases in which UFOs exhibit unusual flight characteristics or the presence of stealth technology.

The whole document summarizes the analysis of 144 cases between 2004 and 2021, 80 of which were recorded on multiple sensors. It has been said that while some of the UAP/UFOs can be explained by malfunctions in sensors and equipment – in most cases, everything was functioning properly and the objects were captured on multiple channels.

Next, the report suggests that most objects in these 144 cases are probably physical objects. Experts believe so because most were recorded on this exact variety of sensors or confirmed by visual observations.

Far more curious are the confirmations about the exotic properties and characteristics of some of the UFOs analyzed in the report. In the past, we have written about incredible features and capabilities, confirmed by former government officials and eye-witnesses. Such have been confirmed in the report now as well.

For example, some UFOs appeared to be stationary in strong winds or moving at extreme speeds against it, making unexpected maneuvers, without the existence of a propulsion system or anything that could aid this movement.

We have talked about UFOs that demonstrate extreme acceleration on an instant, reaching tenths of thousands of meters high. Other cases showed the presence of stealth technologies or the ability to submerge underwater and move at the same extreme speeds.

In 11 of the 144 cases, pilots have reported that they flew dangerously close to one or multiple UFOs.

Only a single case in the UFO report has been busted or explained. It was attributed to a massive, deflating balloon. For the 143 rest, the existing data is insufficient to link them to aliens, any particular type of technology, or any of the 5 particular categories for UFOs.

Declassified: Our Take on the Pentagon’s UFO Report

In the end, we learned almost nothing, and the government has definitely kept its secrets. Maybe I am wrong but I do not believe that this was everything that the Task Force found. It simply seems impossible that from 144 cases, there is not enough information for even a single one, in order to be explained.

Once again, I think that the fact that the government confirms the existence of UFOs is a big enough success. A few years back this would have been impossible. Even more surprising: the government does not exclude the possibility that some of the UFO cases could have, in fact, been alien technologies.

But what do you think? Did the government reveal all its secrets or was this report another major cover-up? If you still haven’t opened the Preliminary Assessment of the Report – here is that link again.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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