The Pentagon's UFO report will be declassified on June 25. Credit: Jumpstory

Pentagon Report Says Alien Spacecraft Can’t Be Ruled Out—10 Important Facts

The UFO report will be declassified on June 25.

The Pentagon has not found convincing evidence of the presence of alien spaceships in the sky over the United States. Yet, experts have already gained access to interesting information and do not rule out the possibility that the phenomena could be alien technology. This and more will be revealed in the upcoming UFO report on June 25.

Everything you need to know about the upcoming UFO report

1. The UFO report will include the results of analysis of over 120 incidents since the beginning of the century and will be presented to the US Congress on June 25.

2. According to the report, none of these cases have included secret or advanced technologies of the U.S. military which eliminates the theories that some UFO incidents involved American classified tests.

3. According to the New York Times, who presented a preview of what should be expected, the UFO report will not include many other serious conclusions about the incidents, since the intelligence has been unable to find any conclusive evidence.

4. The abilities and characteristics of the UFOs observed in various locations remain without explanation. Such are, for example, their ability to accelerate to unbelievable speeds both in the air and underwater.

5. With this said, the report will not contain conclusive evidence on alien technologies. That is, the government remains uncertain whether the phenomena were spacecraft or something else. Yet, this possibility will remain under consideration for future analysis.

6. One of the long-lasting theories about numerous UFO incidents is that it involves foreign experimental technologies.

7. It has been reported that U.S. officials have considered the possibility that certain UFOs could be Russian or Chinese tech.

8. It is known that both countries have invested in hypersonic weaponry. If their involvement in any of the specified UFO cases is confirmed, it would mean that both countries have reached a new milestone in military development, far outpacing America.

9. Most of the 120 incidents included in the report were captured or reported by the U.S. Navy. Over the past couple of months, we at Curiosmos have been writing article after article about different cases involving the U.S. Navy. Perhaps the report will bring at least some insight into these incidents.

10. The Pentagon’s UFO program was launched in 2007 and was allegedly active until 2012 although recent reveals from former employees claim that it continued until 2017. Last year, the government launched a new program called the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force. The upcoming report will summarize the work of both programs.

The early information about the UFO report was revealed by intelligence officials who requested anonymity from the New York Times. Of course, they acted without authorization.

I assume that most of us did not expect to learn something significant from this report but we still had hopes that the government would reveal more answers. I expect that the declassified report will influence a new wave of speculations about the secrets of the Pentagon. I cannot help but think that they know much more than it will be revealed.

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Written by Vladislav Tchakarov

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