One of the images taken by the Ingenuity helicopter during the ninth flight on July 5. Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

Perseverance Films Ingenuity Flying on Mars

Check out this stunning video of NASA's Ingenuity "helicopter" flying on Mars. This was Ingenuity's 47th successful flight on the red planet.


NASA’s Mars helicopter, Ingenuity, was captured on camera by the Perseverance rover during its 47th flight across the Jezero crater on the Red Planet. The video reveals the dust stirred up by the helicopter’s spinning rotors, as well as Ingenuity taking off, hovering, and embarking on a 440-meter journey southwest. Ingenuity landed at the “Iota” airfield, out of the camera’s view.

Mastcam-Z Captures Stunning Footage

The footage was recorded on March 9, 2023, by the Mastcam-Z imager onboard NASA’s Perseverance rover. The rover was approximately 400 feet away from the helicopter when the video was captured, according to NASA.

Ingenuity’s Ongoing Flights in Jezero Crater

Ingenuity continues to conduct brief flights around Mars’ Jezero Crater, gathering data well beyond its initial life expectancy. The helicopter arrived on Mars with NASA’s Perseverance rover, which touched down in Jezero in February 2021.

A gif showing Ingenuity flying across the Martian skies on its 47th flight. NASA.
A gif showing Ingenuity flying across the Martian skies on its 47th flight. NASA.

Ingenuity’s Historic Flights

The helicopter first took to the Martian skies in April 2021, with the primary objective of carrying out a few test flights to demonstrate its groundbreaking technology. After surpassing NASA’s expectations, Ingenuity’s mission was extended to act as an aerial scout for the Perseverance rover, which is on a quest to search for signs of ancient life on Mars and collect samples for future return to Earth. To date, Ingenuity has completed 47 flights, covering a total distance of 10.5 kilometers.

Ingenuity’s importance

Photograph taken by Ingenuity in mid-flight showing a sunset on Mars. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.
Photograph taken by Ingenuity in mid-flight showing a sunset on Mars. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

The Ingenuity helicopter on Mars is a groundbreaking innovation in space exploration that has demonstrated the potential of aerial scouting on the Red Planet. Ingenuity’s successful flights and extended mission have showcased the importance of this technology in future Mars missions and beyond.

Ingenuity is the first aircraft to achieve powered flight on another planet, proving that aerial exploration is possible in Mars’ thin atmosphere. This accomplishment has opened up new avenues for scientists to study the planet’s geology, topography, and potential signs of ancient life from an aerial perspective.


As an aerial scout, Ingenuity supports the Perseverance rover’s mission by capturing high-resolution images and providing valuable information about the Martian terrain. This data helps scientists plan efficient routes for the rover, saving time and energy while enabling more extensive exploration of the planet.

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