Photographer Snaps 50,000 Images of the Moon and Combines Them Into One Massive Image

I believe that everyone loves observing the moon.

Ancient cultures have observed the moon for thousands of years, and written myths, legends, and incredible stories explaining its existence and connection to the Earth.


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Those of us who are interested in astronomy don’t miss chances to look up at Earth’s faithful satellite through our telescopes, and some of us even take stunning images of the moon, as it soars above our planet.


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And while most of us have at least once tried photographing the moon (some people using nothing more than their mobile phone) there are others who have taken lunar photography to a whole new level.

This is the case of Andrew McCarthy, who snapped more than 50,000 images of the moon, and combined all of them into one massive lunar image.


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McCarthy didn’t use expensive equipment nor high-tech gadgets. In fact, he only used two regular cameras that he set up to photograph different parts of the moon.

Because of the technique he used, the final image is a stunning 81-megapixel piece of art.

Mr. McCarthy explains that parts of the moon were photographed in what he calls ’tiles’, images that were later stitched together in photography software, before choosing the best and clearest images.


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“The closer you look, the more you see. Every pocket of the night sky has virtually endless complexity and beauty, even the parts that appear empty. The moon is simply a closer example of the beauty that exists everywhere in this universe, and we are lucky to have it,” said Mr. McCarthy.

“The way it hangs there in space is a constant reminder of the powerful physics at play that maintain our very existence. It is quite humbling.”

The final product received nothing but praises fro people and astrophotographers around the globe.

“The reaction has been nothing short of overwhelming,” said Mr. McCarthy.

“I have been inundated with praise from thousands of people. It has been an extremely rewarding and validating experience. My goal from my photos has been to impart a sense of wonder onto others that I experienced when I first looked through a telescope.”

“In my opinion, many of our petty problems in this world could be solved by simply having a more global perspective, one that could be found simply by appreciating our unique place in this world.”

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