Remarkable 1,800-Year-Old Statue Discovered in Turkey. Credit: Turkey Daily News.

Remarkable 1,800-Year-Old Statue Discovered in Turkey

Standing at 1.5 meters, researchers believe this sculpture symbolizes a nymph from Greek tales.


From the depths of Amasra’s historic grounds, an astonishing relic surfaces, echoing tales from millennia ago. Nestled by the Black Sea, Amasra traces its lineage back to the Phoenician colony of Sesame in the 12th century BC. Flourishing under Iranian princess Amastris, it later stood proud as a significant Byzantine fortified port along the Black Sea’s southern shores.

Zübeyde Kuru, director of the Amasra Museum, spearheaded recent excavations that unveiled a breathtaking revelation. At 3 meters below the earth, a marble statue emerges, illustrating a semi-clothed female draped in a cape. The figurine’s poised stance rests atop an urn, all set upon a pedestal.


A Stunning Artifact

Standing at 1.5 meters, researchers believe this sculpture symbolizes a nymph from Greek tales. These minor deities, often linked to specific natural sites, have been immortalized in art, literature, and lore over the ages. With a particular reverence by the Romans for their water divinity, this newly discovered nymph adds another layer to this rich tapestry of history.

Following its restoration, the authorities intend to place this ancient gem in the Amasra Museum, ensuring its preservation and showcasing it for generations to come.


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