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Remnants of an ancient Olmec pyramid unearthed in Mexico

Archeologists believe to have found the remnants of an ancient Stepped Pyramid of the Olmec civilization.


Recent rains in Puebla have unveiled a pyramidal structure, believed to be part of an old Olmec ceremonial center, hinting at mysteries long buried beneath the soil. The archeologists participating in the excavation suggest that the discovery could hint at the remnants of an ancient Olmec pyramid

An Ancient Olmec Pyramid?

The wet season in Puebla, Mexico, has done more than just nourish the crops. On the outskirts of Juan N. Méndez, near the hill of Teperueda, rains have unearthed remnants of what appears to be an ancient Olmec pyramid. According to local legends, this hill is where the region’s first inhabitants settled.


El Sol de Puebla reports that downpours shifted the soil to reveal a stone wall two meters below ground. This wall, they suggest, might be part of a tiered pyramid structure. Surrounding it are stones resembling steps, accompanied by other meticulously crafted square and rounded stones.


Residents have identified four rectangular sections, believed to be ancient ball game courts. Alongside these courts lie scattered stones, which might have once served as stairs. While nature has reclaimed much of this site, some areas even saw agricultural use in the past.

Echoes of Rituals Past

Further emphasizing the site’s historical importance, mounds of earth and stone, or tételes, stand approximately 5 meters tall. Here, it’s believed, Olmec rituals took place.

Mayor Gregorio del Rosario confirms the site spans multiple hectares and is recognized as an archaeological zone by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Yet, full exploration of this region, tied to the Olmec’s iconic stone head artifacts, remains pending.


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