Researcher Accidentally Develops Battery That Could Last A Lifetime

Worry no more, your smartphone’s battery may soon get an upgrade we’ve all been waiting for, and we can all say that our dreams have come true.

According to reports, scientists from the USA have done the impossible: they’ve designed and built an ‘infinite battery’. Reports suggest the battery–discovered by accident–could last up to 400 years.

Experts from the University of Californa have come up with an infinite battery by accident while trying to replace the liquid lithium batteries with a safer option when they discovered this variant that is 400 times more efficient than any batteries in existence today.

Scientists worked with nano-cables made of gold and covered with electrolyte gel. Although it was already known that these type of cables are large conductors, scientists have managed to confirm that they are also capable of withstanding more than 200 thousand loads.

However, it was UCI doctoral candidate Mya Le Thai, who managed to apply the gel that finally allowed these cables not to break during the loading and unloading process, meaning that the batteries could last more than any other battery in existence today.

“Mya was playing around, and she coated this whole thing with a very thin gel layer and started to cycle it,” said Reginald Penner, chair of UCI’s chemistry department.

“She discovered that just by using this gel, she could cycle it hundreds of thousands of times without losing any capacity.”

“That was crazy because these things typically die in dramatic fashion after 5,000 or 6,000 or 7,000 cycles at most,” he said.

And while all of this may sound really exciting, the batteries created by scientists from UCI nanobattery are still in an early development stage, and it will still be a long time before manufacturers could actually be able to apply this technology commercially.

But once it is available, it could make a huge difference when it comes to providing power for computers, smartphones, and a number of other appliances in the market.

Source: UCI News via The Drive

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