Researchers Are Trying to Open a Portal Leading to a Parallel universe

This parallel universe may exist with mirror particles, mirror planets, mirror moons, stars, and... you guessed it... mirror 'alien' life.

The idea that parallel universes exist has captivated the imagination of science fiction writers, television series and movies for decades.

But how far from reality is the idea of a parallel universe?

In order to try and find out, researchers in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee have recently finished developing equipment that they say may help us see the very first glimpse at a parallel universe, which, according to their theories, could prove to be eerily similar to our own.

The experts say this parallel universe may exist with mirror particles, mirror planets, and… you guessed it… mirror ‘alien’ life.

The attempt to ‘tap into’ a parallel universe was revealed by Leah Broussard, the scientist behind the project.

Broussard described the attempt to take a peek into a parallel work in an interview with NBC.

The idea that there exists a mirror world has been suggested throughout the years by researchers.

And some even say that its existence may explain a number of anomalous scientific results.

Searching for a portal to a parallel universe

A mirror world. Shutterstock.
A mirror world. Shutterstock.

But despite the theories, we’ve yet to see proof of its existence.

One of those ‘anomalous results’ dates back to the 1900s, when researchers were trying to measure the time it takes for neutron particles to break down into protons, once they were removed from an atom’s nucleus, explains The Independent.

The researchers obtained unexpected results.

Two separate experiments revealed that the neutrons broke down at different rates.

This was strange.

Experts were expecting that instead of seeing different breakdown rates, the neutrons would decay and become protons at the exact same rate.

The Experiment

To prove the existence of a parallel universe, the experiment they hope to carry out before the end of 2019 will consist of firing a beam through a 15-meter tunnel of neutrons that will have to pass through a powerful magnet to reach an impenetrable wall.

On the other side of the wall, the researchers will place a neutron detector that, under normal conditions, should not detect anything.

But, if on the other hand, it detects the neutrons, it could suggest that the neutrons would have crossed the ‘impenetrable’ wall oscillating in a mirror world, which would be the first proof of the history of the existence of a parallel dimension.

As explained by The Independent, if researchers actually find evidence of a mirror universe, it would also help explain why our universe lacks the isotope Lithium 7, which physicists believe doesn’t match the quantities the Big Bang would have created.

Dark Matter

But not only would we find out new cosmic possibilities if scientists prove a mirror universe exists, in addition to changing the laws of physics and reality as we know them, the existence of a parallel universe or universe of particles would also help shed light on the mysterious existence of dark matter.

The elusive dark matter is thought to make up as much as 85 percent of the matter in the universe, even though it has never really been observed.

If the parallel universe theory is correct, dark matter could be hiding there too.

Parallel matter or “mirror matter,” which would functionally be the same as dark matter, would only interact marginally with regular particles, which means it would perform functions such as keeping galaxies together or altering the speed of stars and planets in the galaxy – all characteristics and collateral effects theorized on dark matter.

But if everything exists in a mirror universe, what about mirror people?


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