Researchers find 50,000-Year-Old Tiara Made of Woolly Mammoth in Siberian Cave

This mysterious Tiara was found inside the world famous Denisova Cave in Siberia.

Archeologists in Siberian have made another sensational discovery inside the world famous Denisova Cave.

Researchers performing archeological excavations have come across the remains of an intricate, 50,000-year-old Tiara made from Woolly Mammoth Ivory

The tiara is one of the many amazing discoveries made inside the cave.

The Tiara recovered from the Denisova Cave. Image Credit: The Siberian Times.
The Tiara recovered from the Denisova Cave. Image Credit: The Siberian Times.

In previous excavations, archeologists recovered carefully crafted Ivory needles dating back tens of thousands of years, as well as jewelry. The most amazing discovery perhaps was a mysterious, highly polished bracelet recovered by experts inside the cave and believed to have been produced more than 70,000 years ago.

The recently found Tiara, like the Bracelet and the needle, was most likely crafted by the mysterious Denisova species.

Researchers from Siberia have explained that this is the oldest tiara discovered anywhere in the world. They assume the Tiara had a practical use like keeping hair away from the eyes.

A secondary theory argues that the tiara may have been used as some sort of ancient identity card: ancient people could have used the tiara to denote the family or tribe of ancient man.

The Tiara, discovered in Summer of 2018 was most likely used by a male and not a female suggests Alexander Fedorchenko, from Novosibirsk Institute of Archeology and Ethnography who explains that it dates back between 45,000 and 50,000 years. He adds that the person who used it had a large head.

“The fragment we discovered is quite big, and judging by how thick the (strip) is, and by its large diameter, the headband was made for a big-headed man.”

The Tiara has clear evidence of wear and tear, which suggests it was amply used before being discarded by its owner in the cave.

Careful analysis of the tiara has revealed it does not bear any form of symbols or markings. The object was crafted from Woolly Mammoth Ivory, at a time when these massive creatures lived alongside humans in Siberia.

“Finding one of the most ancient tiaras is very rare not just for the Denisova cave, but for the world. Ancient people used mammoth ivory to make beads, bracelets, and pendants, as well as needles and arrowheads,” explained Fedorchenko.

“We have quite a collection of mammoth ivory found inside the Denisova cave, thirty pieces in total with various types of beads, three rings, parts of bracelets and arrowheads.”

“Finding a piece as big as tiara is an incredibly rare discovery for Siberia,” concluded  Fedorchenko.

The Siberian Times
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