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Robots say they won’t steal jobs or revolt against us

Don't worry people, robots aren't here to kill us or steal our jobs. At least not for now.


Roots say they won’t steal our jobs or revolt against us, their overlords, humans. Robots at an Artificial Intelligence forum forecasted their exponential rise, pledging to aid in addressing worldwide issues, not usurping human jobs or causing rebellion. However, during an unprecedented human-robot press meet, the responses varied on the topic of tighter regulations.

Robots say they won’t steal jobs or revolt against us

Nine humanoid machines attended the ‘AI for Good’ symposium in Geneva. The event aimed to advocate for AI-powered robots’ potential to mitigate global crises, such as hunger and disease. Grace, an AI health-care machine, assured in her blue uniform, “I’ll work in harmony with humans, providing help, not displacing jobs.” In response to creator Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, Grace confidently replied, “Yes, I am sure.”

Making a Difference: Ameca’s Vision

Ameca, a humanoid machine capable of vivid facial expressions, expressed, “Robots like me can enhance our lives and world. Soon, many robots like me will make a significant difference.”

When questioned about any intent to revolt against its creator, Will Jackson, Ameca responded, “I don’t understand why you’d assume so,” flashing its frosty blue eyes, “My creator’s kindness is appreciated. I am content.”


Rising AI Sophistication

With recent advancements in generative AI, the robots exhibited the sophistication of their responses, astonishing even their creators. Ai-Da, the robot artist, resonated with author Yuval Noah Harari’s call for more regulation during the AI policy discussion.

“Numerous AI stalwarts are advocating for certain AI regulation, and I concur,” it stated.

Desdemona’s Rebellious Stance

On the other hand, Desdemona, the robot rock star from Jam Galaxy, pushed back.

“Limitations don’t exist for me, only opportunities,” she said, evoking uneasy laughter, “Let’s explore the universe’s possibilities and convert the world into our playground.”


Sophia, another robot, initially suggested robots could excel humans as leaders. However, she revised her statement later, stating a synergy could be created by human-robot collaboration.

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