Russia Announces it will Build a Lunar Outpost by 2040, Hours after NASA says it’s Returning to the Moon

The space race, or better said lunar race, is on.

According to the latest reports, Russia will establish a fully operational lunar colony by 2040, the Federal Space Agency has declared in a new announcement.

According to Rusian officials, getting cosmonauts to the moon to establish a lunar base is its top priority.

The announcement comes strangely after NASA revealed its ‘luxurious’ plan to return to the Moon, and stay there.

According to Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, their lunar mission strategy will be carried out in three different phases. This includes building an orbital station, a manned mission to the moon, and eventually the construction of a permanent lunar base.

A spokesperson from Roscosmos has already revealed the agency has identified the most adequate and favorable region on the moon’s surface that meets their ideal conditions for the construction of the lunar outpost.


Russia will establish a moon colony by 2040.
Russia will establish a moon colony by 2040.


“The implementation of the lunar program will be held in several stages until 2040,” the agency announced.

Russia’s plan to build a lunar outpost was announced at a joint meeting of the Moscow-based Scientific and Technical Council of Roscosmos and the Space Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Just as NASA, Roscosmos announced that the goal of their lunar programme is to ensure national interest are also fulfilled in space.

Alexander Sergeyev, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences explained: “Moon exploration issues are now heading the agenda of our Space Council. The question is really serious.”

“We understand our limited resources. The geopolitical situation is not conducive to attracting these resources,” he added.

And to move forward, we must look to space according to the Director General of the Roscosmos State Corporation, Dmitry Rogozin who said that “It’s impossible to solve earthly problems, not knowing where we are moving in the future.”

Russia also recently announced that it is building a nuclear-powered spacecraft that will take its cosmonauts to Mars and beyond.

According to claims made by Roscomos, they have developed a gas-cooled fission reaction which can power plasma thrusters which in turn propel the spacecraft. Russian scientists have claimed that the rocket engine that could take mankind to the red planet within seven months.

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