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Sanctuary AI Unveils “Phoenix”, the Game-Changing Humanoid with AI Mind

Phoenix Sanctuary AI robot

The world's first humanoid robot with a broad skill set is set to address labor challenges across diverse sectors.

Sanctuary AI, a pioneering tech company, breaks new ground with Phoenix – the world’s first general-purpose humanoid robot. Phoenix is powered by an innovative artificial intelligence control system, Carbon, broadening its capabilities to perform diverse job roles.

Revolutionizing Workforce with AI-Powered Robots

Sanctuary AI announced its ground-breaking 6th-generation technology named Phoenix, only two months after its first commercial deployment. Phoenix is an evolution in humanoid robotics, showcasing how Sanctuary’s AI technology can carry out hundreds of identified tasks across multiple industries.

Unveiling Phoenix: The Future of Labor

“Phoenix is designed to be the most physically capable humanoid with many sensors. Our goal is to allow Carbon’s rapidly growing intelligence to perform a wide array of work tasks,” stated Geordie Rose, CEO and co-founder of Sanctuary AI. Sanctuary foresees a future where their general-purpose robots become as commonplace as cars, filling labor gaps and aiding with various tasks.

Phoenix: Humanoid Features and Capabilities

Phoenix stands at 5’ 7”, weighs 155 lbs with a maximum payload of 55 lbs, and can reach speeds up to 3 mph. Its industry-leading robotic hands have an impressive 20 degrees of freedom, rivaling human hand dexterity. With advanced haptic technology mimicking touch, Phoenix sports a bolder aesthetic with vibrant colors and enhanced textures.

Sanctuary AI: Leading the General-Purpose Robotic Revolution

Sanctuary AI stands out for its emphasis on creating a robot capable of human-like physical tasks. “The real star of the show is our proprietary AI control system, the Carbon-based mind, which powers the robot,” explained Rose. Sanctuary is determined to introduce a novel ecosystem in AI and robotics powered by a strong alliance of top vendors and partners.

Fueling the Mission: Funding and Collaborations

Sanctuary AI received a notable C$30 million from the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), elevating its total funding to over C$100 million. The company is currently working on its next funding round to further propel its ambitious mission.

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