Scary Future: Watch Moment a Massive Humanoid Robot Delicately ‘Walks a Tightrope’ of Tiny Blocks

Are you ready for the rise of the machines?

A humanoid robot named atlas uses ‘path planning algorithm’ to trace its route and delicately walk a tightrope’ of tiny blocks.

Rise of the Machines

A recently uploaded video shows a robot making use of state-of-the-art autonomous planning to precisely chart and move along a treacherous path.

A robot walking between two platforms. Image Credit: IHMC Robotics / YouTube.
A robot walking between two platforms. Image Credit: IHMC Robotics / YouTube.

A 165-pound (74 kilograms) robot was trained by experts to walk across the narrow, treacherous terrain by making use of human-like control and perception, aided by AI planning algorithms.

Using LiDAR, the root moves carefully through the treacherous path displaying exceptional ‘body control’. Using a system of lasers, the robot can measure the distance between various objects. The robot then processes the information calculating each step allowing it to correctly go through the narrow terrain.

The robot from the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) in Florida is something entirely else and shows us that a future where robots will walk alongside humans on the street is not science fiction anymore.

Its creators say that they hope the robot could be used in bomb squads or rescue mission.

Describing the incredible feat, researchers from IHMC wrote in the video description: ” A path planning algorithm plans footsteps across the planar regions to a goal location, specified by an operator. The robot is currently about 50% successful over this type of terrain.”

“We plan to increase the rate of success by adding balance using angular momentum and by better considering joint ranges of motion. Narrow terrain is difficult due to the need to do some “cross-over” steps, which are tricky due to a limited range of motion in the hip joint, and also due to having a small polygon of support when one foot is directly in front of the other.”

At first, it may seem not much. A robot walking between two platforms. However, it is extremely challenging for a robot.

Many actions that humans can perform are very difficult for robots. Humans have complex joints and a naturally built-in balancing system that helps us navigate obstacles.

However, it is difficult to replicate these human traits in machines.

In addition to being used in possible emergency situations, the Atlas-type robot could be used as robotic astronauts.

In the near future, the robot could be sent to places where humans could not survive, performing tasks and mission that are too dangerous for humans.

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