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Scientific paper confirms “several UFOs” tracked above 80,000 feet

During the congressional hearing, Commander Fravor described a 40-foot-long object moving erratically near the ocean's surface, likened to a "ping pong ball," covering more than 60 miles in less than a minute.


A highly detailed report by a U.S. intelligence agency sheds new light on the baffling unidentified anomalous phenomenon (UAP) that has captivated the public’s imagination. The scientific paper confirms that several UFOs have been tracked above 80,000 feet, raising questions about the nature of the objects.

This Scientific Paper Confirms “Several UFOs” Tracked

This scientific analysis, focusing on the famous 2004 sightings off California’s coast, delves into unexplained encounters and uncharted territories.


Here’s what experts uncovered.

A U.S. intelligence agency has put together a 140-page scientific report that meticulously examines the multiple Tic Tac-shaped objects that were sighted above 80,000 feet. These objects played a central role in the enigmatic UAP sightings off the coast of California in 2004.

A Historic Public Hearing Brings Details to Light

Investigative journalists George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell confirmed the report’s existence in their latest online show, Weaponized. Knapp planned to submit the report to the Congressional Record before the House of Representatives’ historic hearing on July 26, 2023. However, he chose not to, citing concerns over protecting his sources.

Corbell vividly describes in the report “multi-ship encounters above 80,000 feet” and even mentions encounters originating from “space.” What’s more intriguing is that Navy Commanders David Fravor and Chad Underwood, who were part of the 2004 incident, were unaware of the analysis.


Testimony and Analysis Unfold a New Perspective

During the congressional hearing, Commander Fravor described a 40-foot-long object moving erratically near the ocean’s surface, likened to a “ping pong ball,” covering more than 60 miles in less than a minute. It was just one of the multiple objects tracked by the USS Princeton’s radar.

Corbell further told Liberation Times that these Tic Tac UFOs were entering our atmosphere from space, displaying advanced control. “We were—and still are—powerless,” he said, emphasizing their sophisticated aerospace capabilities.

The scientific analysis also explores the phenomenon of some UFOs “mating” underwater with unidentified submerged objects (OSNI), all of which were seemingly under intelligent control.

Confirmation by Multiple Sources and the Role of Technology

The report’s existence has been corroborated by several sources, including the tracking of multiple objects above 80,000 feet. Previously, only naval and air assets were known to track such objects, but the report confirms the involvement of possibly satellite systems.

During the incident, the USS Princeton’s radar detected “anomalous air vehicles” dropping from 80,000 to 20,000 feet in less than a second. Corbell highlights the nation’s initial concerns and the role of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in tracking these UAPs.

Former Intelligence Director and NASA Weigh In

In 2021, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe informed the public that multiple unidentified flying objects had been detected, including some captured by satellites. These objects displayed actions difficult to explain and moved at supersonic speeds without generating sonic booms.


NASA, taking a keen interest in the UAP phenomenon, is currently conducting its own study. NASA administrator Bill Nelson recently expressed the agency’s intention to employ space sensors for further investigation.

This intelligence report represents a significant step in the continued quest to understand the perplexing UAP phenomenon that has left many baffled. With the involvement of various governmental agencies and the media’s attention, the enigma of the Tic Tac-shaped objects continues to unfold, opening new possibilities and raising questions that demand answers.

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