Scientists Record the Sound of a Martian Sunrise


Using 5,000 images photographed by NASA’s Opportunity Rover, scientists have created a soundtrack of a Martian sunrise using sonification techniques that allowed them to compose a two-minute Martian melody.

A team of researchers from the universities of Exeter and Anglia Ruskin has used more than 5,000 images Martian sunrises photographs on the surface of Mars obtained by Opportunity rover in order to create the “soundtrack” of Martian sunrises.

The scientists used the latest “data sonification” techniques to obtain a two-minute melody.

According to Phys.rog, Dr. Domenico Vicinanza and Dr. Genevieve Williams created the sound by scanning a picture from left to right, pixel by pixel, and looking at brightness and color information and combining them with terrain elevation.

Then, using specific algorithms they assigned each element to a specific pitch and melody.

Researchers explain that the slow and quiet melodies are the result of the dar background. The higher pitched sounds towards the middle of the sound, are the result of the sonification of the bright solar disk.

According to Dr. Vicinanza, image sonification techniques can prove to be handy when studying different things including planet surfaces, their atmospheres, weather changes and can also help detect volcanic eruptions.

“Image sonification is a really flexible technique to explore science and it can be used in several domains, from studying certain characteristics of planet surfaces and atmospheres to analyzing weather changes or detecting volcanic eruptions.

“In health science, it can provide scientists with new methods to analyze the occurrence of certain shapes and colors, which is particularly useful in image diagnostics,” Dr. Vicinanza explained.

On Mars, for example, data sonification was used to record what a Red Planet sunrise sounds like.

“We are absolutely thrilled about presenting this work about such a fascinating planet,” said Dr. Vicinanza.

Here’s the sound.

Close your eyes, and put on your headphones!

The link to the video on Youtube.

Here’s what a SUNSET looks like on Mars:

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