Scientists Warn a Cosmic ‘Big Rip’ Will Tear our Universe Apart and Recycle it

It's sort of like a cycle where all of the universes may have already happened many times before, and will continue as the cycle goes on.

An Astrophysicist has recently spoken out about a destructive event of cosmic proportions that may end life in the universe as we know it.

The cause? The so-called Big Rip

In physical cosmology, the Big Rip is a hypothetical cosmological model concerning the ultimate fate of the universe, in which the matter of the universe, from stars and galaxies to atoms and subatomic particles, and even spacetime itself, is progressively torn apart by the expansion of the universe at a certain time in the future.

The Big Rip scenario will occur if we find that dark energy increases in strength, while remaining negative in direction, over time.JEREMY TEAFORD/VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY
The Big Rip scenario will occur if we find that dark energy increases in strength while remaining negative in direction, over time. Image Credit: JEREMY TEAFORD/VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY.

However, as the universe will come to an end with the cosmic rip, everything will be recycled, starting over from nothing with a new Big Bang.

This is according to Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist, and professor at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, who announced that the Big Rip, a cosmic event similar to the Big Bang, could take place in our universe in approximately 22 billion years from now, and will destroy the cosmos as we know it.

In an article written in Forbes ‘Starts with a Bang‘, Professor Siegel explains that “If the Big Rip is correct, everything in the Universe will be reduced to its most fundamental constituents, in some strange parallel to the earliest stages of the Big Bang.”

Some experts believe there are variations in the Big Rip Theory. Some, for example, believe that the Big Rip will cause the entire universe to destroy, and that’s it.

Others, like Siegel, claim that while the Big Rip may, in fact, destroy the known universe, it will also kick-start a new phase, a new cycle where everything will be created again, and it will all start with a new Big Bang.

“If dark energy increases in strength, this really is energy inherent to the fabric of space itself and could repeat the early period in our universe’s history where space expanded at an incredible rate: cosmic inflation”, Siegel explained.

“Inflation removes all the pre-existing matter and energy from the universe, leaving only the fabric of space itself behind. After a period of inflation, that energy somehow gets converted into particles, antiparticles, and radiation, and leads to the Big Bang”.

This scenario, says Siegel, has already been explored before and is referred to as the ‘rejuvenated Universe’.

Starts With A Bang
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