A screenshot from the video showing the UFOs during undocking. Image Credit: NASA/SpaceX/YouTube.

Several UFOs appear during SpaceX Crew 4 undocking from the ISS

During the undocking of NASA SpaceX's Crew 4, and as the spacecraft moves away from the ISS, several UFOs appear in the background.


During NASA SpaceX’s Crew 4 undocking, and as the dragon spacecraft separates from the International Space Station, several UFOs appear in the lower right corner of the footage. The circular objects are seen traveling in the distance and only show for a few seconds as NASA switches its cameras, displaying a different view. The UFOs appear as bright dots in the distance. As of writing, Crew 4 has undocked successfully from the space station. Crew-4 is the maiden flight of a Crew Dragon spacecraft called Freedom. It is given its name because “it celebrates a fundamental human right and the innovation and industry that stem from the unencumbered human spirit.” The spacecraft is expected to splash down just off the coast of Florida in a few hours.

The study of UFOs

NASA is curiously studying the UFO phenomenon. The space agency has distanced itself in the past few years from UFOs and anything related to them. However, UFOs are no longer seen as a conspiracy theory and something inexistent. UFOs are now worthy of the most rigorous scientific study. Evidence of this is the UFO research group by NASA, composed of a dozen astrophysicists. In addition to NASA, the Pentagon is going all in when it comes to researching UFOs. Its UFO research group will focus on the enigmatic sightings reported by the military. The Pentagon is also expected to research so-called transmedium UFOs.

Earlier this year, Congress implied UFOs are extraterrestrial technology. Whether this is the case remains to be seen. UFOs are certainly an interesting subject that deserves studying. And scientists should be curious about UFOs and not be afraid to research them. Personally, I look very much forward to the results NASA will come during their study. In the past, several astronauts have reported seeing unidentified flying objects while in space. Many such objects have been observed during docking and undocking, just as with Crew 4. As for the nature of the objects visible during the undocking of Freedom, who knows what they are? Although unidentified flying objects are always an interesting, sensational option, other explanations could perfectly fit in as well. Check out the video footage here.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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