Interesting Facts About Cleopatra’s Favorite Body of Water; the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is believed to be at least 3 million years old.



The Dead Sea or the Salt Sea was one of Cleopatra’s favourite places mainly because of its medicinal features.

The sea is located between Jordan and Israel and is said to be 430 metres below sea level. Individuals generally refer to it as the lowest point on earth. Furthermore, you can certainly float on the water but cannot swim or sink in the sea because of its salinity.

The Dead Sea is considered as the saltiest water body on planet earth.

There is no life in the dead sea; not a single living creature can survive there. The Dead Sea is utterly empty and is full of salt. What makes it Cleopatra’s favourite, though? As stated before, the sea is famous for its healing properties. Certain people refer to it as a natural spa. According to the historical accounts, Cleopatra was fond of the salt and mud that came from the Dead Sea. She even ordered factories and resorts to be built around it on the shoreline.

Following are some mind-boggling facts about the ‘Dead Sea’ you probably did not know:

  • The dead sea is one of the most ancient waters present on the planet earth. It is believed to be at least 3 million years old.
  • The dead sea is not actually a ‘sea’, the water body is a hyper-saline lake.
  • The lake’s surface area was 1050 km back in the 1930s. However, it is disappearing at an alarming rate and would probably completely vanish in the forthcoming years. The good news is that the government of Israel and Jordan have come forward and are trying to conserve it by directing the flow of river waters into the lake.
  • The water and mud of the Dead Sea are rich in minerals and can treat people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, hives, acne, and cellulite.
  • As stated before, the sea is considered as the oldest and most advantageous spa in the world. People as old as Cleopatra adored it because of its healing properties.
  • Ancient Egyptians used the salt of the Dead Sea in multiple ways; Asphalt naturally rises to the surface of the water, and this asphalt was used in the mummification process.
  • The air around the Dead Sea is beneficial and healthy too. It is low in pollen and allergens, making it an ideal and excellent location for those with asthma or allergies.
  • It was one of the world’s first health resorts, constructed for King Herod the Great.
  • Water flows into the Dead Sea from the Jordan River, but no water flows out of the sea.
  • As stated multiple times above, the water is rich in minerals, and therefore it has now become a major centre for health research.

Final thoughts:

The Dea Sea is an ancient water body. It was naturally formed 3 million years ago and has benefited people ever since. It is indeed a fascinating spot; it’s unfortunate that it’d one day vanish into nothingness. Thousands of people visit it as it genuinely cures various skin diseases. It’s one of the famous spots located in the middle of Isreal and Jordan.


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