A black and white photograph of the Earth rising behind the Moon. Image Credit: Danuri/ South Korean Space Agency.

South Korean “Danuri” Moon Mission Snaps Earthrise Photo

A South Korean Spacecraft in orbit around the Moon took this stunning black and white photograph of the Earth rising behind the Moon.


In December, the Artemis I mission gave us much to talk about as the Orion Spacecraft made its historic orbit around the Moon. The journey was exciting as it paved the way for the Artemis II and Artemis III missions. Artemis III will return humans to the surface of the Moon. The Artemis I mission sent us many photographs of Earth and the Moon as it completed its mission. And now, another spacecraft has offered us a stunning view of our Moon and the planet.


Danuri is a South Korean spacecraft and the first orbiter by South Korea to reach the lunar orbit. It recently sent back black and white photographs of the lunar surface and the Earth rising behind the Moon. The photographs were taken on New Year. Danuri is currently testing its onboard cameras by shaping photographs of the Moon.


This way, it can adjust parameters for optimal functioning. By February 2023, the orbiter will begin its scientific mission. This includes photographing and analyzing the lunar surface. Additionally, it will measure the Moon’s magnetic strength and gamma rays. Also, it is expected to test internet technology in space and identify possible future landing sites.

Moon mission

Danuri launched on August 4, 2022, from Cape Canaveral in Florida. It was sent into space by a Space X Falcon 9 rocket. Weighing 678 kilos, it is a cubic-shaped spacecraft with two solar panels. Furthermore, for its propulsion, it uses four high-powered thrusters and is also equipped with eight control thrusters. With a budget of $180 million, Danuri carries six scientific instruments, including an ultra-sensitive camera provided by NASA.


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