The Spherical UFO seen circled in red. Image Credit: Devonlive.

Spherical UFO photographed flying among RAF Red Arrows

Several people saw and even photographed what seemed to be a spherical, fast-moving UFO flying in close proximity to RADF Red Arrows.


In a shocking twist during a recent RAF Red Arrows airshow in Devon, a mysterious spherical UFO was seen flying through the middle of the display, stunning the crowd. At around 5:30 PM on Saturday, June 3, the unidentified object appeared during the Torbay Airshow. A local photographer captured the enigmatic object on his Nikon P900, set to burst mode.

The photographer, choosing to stay anonymous, recalled his surprise at the spectacle. “Anticipation turned into amazement when I saw this object ripping through the Red Arrows’ formation at an astounding speed. It was unbelievable,” DevonLive reported.


Fast Moving UFO

He approximated the object’s speed at 1,000 mph. He further detailed that this wasn’t his first time witnessing such an incident near his home in Newton Abbot. The photographer passionately champions recognition of these occurrences. “Like previous years, I’ve captured another unusual object near the Red Arrows. Our skies are consistently visited by these ‘alien crafts.’ When will the government acknowledge their presence?” he asked.


And the question is valid. However, the truth is that the notion behind UFOs has drastically changed in the last few years. No longer are UFOs considered a conspiracy, but they are now a subject worthy of the most rigorous scientific study.

However, he wasn’t the only witness. Emma Smith, another spectator, noticed the object while reviewing her photos. Speaking to DevonLive, she exclaimed, “I was taken aback when I zoomed in on my iPhone’s Red Arrows photos and saw a dark spot close to the aircraft!”

UFOs: The Truth is out there

She noted that it wasn’t a smudge on her lens. The object looked like a spinning top, confirming its spherical shape. This bears relevance because spherical objects frequently appear in reported UFO sightings. In an intriguing development, NASA highlighted during its May 31st UFO hearing that we need improved intelligence and materials to understand UFOs. They presented an image of a similar mysterious metallic orb spotted over the Middle East. They did not disclose its origin, adding another layer to UFOs’ intrigue.


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