Splashdown! SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Capsule Successfully Completes Historic Mission

Elon Musk’s SpaceX company has made history again. The company’s Dragon Crew capsule has successfully completed its groundbreaking mission to the International Space Station after it successfully landed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Image Credit: SpaceX.
Image Credit: SpaceX.

Although appearing ‘burnt’ the capsule was in pristine condition as experts recovered the spacecraft after splashing down in the ocean.

As reported by SpaceX, the spacecraft performed exceptionally after a trip to the ISS where it was docked for five days.

NASA congratulated SpaceX on the historic achievement and commemorated the moment with a tweet that read: “Successful splashdown of the #CrewDragon right on time at 8:45 a.m. ET.”

The Dragon Crew’s landing finalized a successful test mission and marks the very first time a private company has traveled to the ISS.

A recovery vessel dubbed GO searcher was tasked with recovering the spacecraft and bringing it back to land.

SpaceX’s Spacecraft detached from the International Space Station on Friday together with its only occupant Ripley, a dummy astronaut.

The Launch, docking, re-entry, and landing went through without a single glitch, SpaceX has reported, despite fears expressed by Elon Musk about the final stage of the mission, as the irregularly shaped pod may have become unstable during re-entry.

Image Credit: SpaceX / Twitter.
Image Credit: SpaceX / Twitter.

After launch, Musk told reporters that although unlikely, it was possible that the Dragon Capsule became unstable.

“I think it’s unlikely; we’ve run simulations a thousand times but this is a possibility,” Musk explained.

“So, re-entry with the asymmetric backshell; the parachutes are new – will the parachutes deploy correctly and then will the system guide Dragon to the right location and splashdown safely? I’d say hypersonic re-entry is my biggest concern.”

However, despite fear the spacecraft proved to be a state-of-the-art product.

The Dragon Crew is expected to transport astronauts from American soil in the near future.

Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques was the first man to enter the capsule after it docked with the International Space Station. According to him, the capsule is ‘very slick’ and he said it looked like space business class.

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