UFO or not?

Spy Balloons and UFOs

An illustration of fighter jets chasing a UFO. Depositphotos.

It seems that the United States and China are playing a game of Balloons and missiles, and the UFO subject has become entangled somewhere in between.

The entire world is now speaking about the Spy Balloon that made its way from China to the continental United States. Eventually, and after letting it fly above the country, the US military decided to take the alleged spy balloon down. It did so successfully and sent out teams to recover the debris. China denied that the object was intended for spying purposes, saying that it was a meteorological balloon that had strayed off course. After the downing of the Chinese balloon, many people came to the sober realization that in the 21st century, spying is still a thing. But what is surprising is how the government handled the entire situation. It is almost as if the spying game was invented only recently, and it’s as if no one ever spied on anyone before. But the reality is that countries have been spying on one another longer than most of us think. What surprises the most is that some Pentagon officials were struck by such amazement after discovering the Chinese Balloon. And somewhere between an inter-tangled bureaucracy, diplomatic tensions, the super bowl, balloons, and missiles, the UFO subject endures.

A Spy game

A screenshot from YouTube showing the Chinese Balloon being shot down. Image Credit: WUSA9 / YouTube.

So far, the military has downed four distinct objects that have violated the airspace of the United States. So far, we have confusing information on the exact nature of the objects. There is clashing information, and it does not come as a surprise. Some reports suggest that all four objects were weather balloons. In that case, we should probably ask why balloons, and is this really the state-of-the-art technology that countries are using in the 21st century to spy on each other? Let’s face it; it isn’t the most convenient stealthy way of looking at your neighbor’s backyard.

Both China and the US have technological capabilities that allow them to spy on each other without sending out balloons that can be seen from tens of kilometers away. The thing about spying is to do it without the other side realizing it is being spied on. So why balloons? I mean, have governments really cut the budgets of their spying agencies so steeply? Probably not. What we are likely seeing now is the military becoming more aware that such methods are being used even today. In fact, China has accused the United States of breaking its airspace at least ten times by flying spy balloons into the country. So if both countries used spy balloons in the past and continue using them today, what are pilots shooting at? Are they shooting at balloons? And if so, why now, and not before?


A screenshot of the spherical UFO snapped by a US Spy plane over Iraq. Image Credit: Jeremy Corbell.

Are we really shooting at balloons, or are we launching missiles at a technology that comes not from this planet? Curiously, not only has the United States downed four unidentified flying objects, but China has also recently reported shooting down a UFO in their air space. So, what are China and the US shooting at? Are they downing each other’s spy balloons? Or is something larger, more sophisticated at play? On February 12, 2023, the United States Air Force reported shooting down an octagonal flying vehicle that was violating national airspace. What the object was remains a mystery, and reports from pilots vary. Previously, pilots that participated in the downing of some of the UFOs reported that the objects involved had no visible means of propulsion, the objects had no propellers and lacked wings or similar characteristics. This description is eerily similar to the object US Navy fighters intercepted, resembling a Tic-Tac. Are these objects top-secret technology? Or are these objects something that did not originate from this planet?

While the answer to this question remains a mystery many of us are eager to unravel, we know that UFO reports have drastically increased in recent years. This is likely because there is far less stigma associated with UFOs now that agencies such as NASA and the Pentagon are actively investigating the phenomenon. According to CNN, “The number of UFO sightings significantly increased between March 2021 and August 2022, during which 247 new sightings were reported, mostly by US Navy and Air Force pilots and personnel.” While the truth might very well be somewhere out there, it isn’t among the missiles and balloons we are now reading about.

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