Strange Images of a Tree With a ‘Bloody Brain’ Go Viral

"It was something straight out of a horror movie..."

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. A tree and a brain. But not just any brain, a massive, bleeding brain.

The strange images were filmed in Denmark.

Mette Knosgaard, a resident of the small Danish town of Praesto, encountered something unusual while walking with her dog, the tabloid Ekstra Bladet reported.

According to reports, the woman was stunned to see a chilling tree that had something like a bloodied human brain on its trunk.

Bloody brain like object near Tree.
Brainz. Ok, not really. It’s just a strange mushroom. Image Credit: Mette Knosgaard

“I was very surprised. I had never seen anything similar. I thought it could be part of the tree,” the woman explained in an interview with the tabloid.

“I was with my dog in the small town where I live and I saw this brain-like thing,” said Ms. Knøsgaard, 39.

“It looked so wild, so I took a picture and put it online to hear if it was a fungus at all.”

“Many were very interested in it and had not seen a fungus looking like that before.”

It was something straight out of a horror movie.

The woman also took several photos of her creepy and ‘gruesome’ find and shared the photographs on in a Facebook community dedicated to mushrooms to find out if the ‘creepy brain’ she had encountered was, in fact, a mushroom.

Mystery brain-like object.
But it really does look like a brain. Image Credit: Mette Knosgaard

While some netizens claimed that it was a “mushroom steak” (Fistulina hepatica), also known as “tongue or ox liver”, others suggested that the woman had discovered a “bleeding tooth fungus” (Hydnellum peckii), an inedible mushroom that grows in Europe and North America and usually forms a symbiotic relationship with trees.

The Tongue or Ox Liver is an edible mushroom and is believed to have a sour, slightly acidic taste, according to the Metro.

Furthermore, the mushroom is said to ‘bleed’ a dull-red juice when cut.


And as everything is becoming political these days, even when you discover a strange ‘bleeding brain that’s part of a tree,’ a follower of the Facebook page of the Danish tabloid joked that it was “one of the 179 brains abandoned by the deputies.” In turn, another user replied that no one in Parliament has a brain, so it is impossible to lose one.

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