The Sad Story Behind the Belongings of the Victims Of Auschwitz

No one exactly knows how many individuals were sent to Auschwitz. However, over 1.1 million were brutally murdered there.

Auschwitz is a dark chapter. One that is hard to recall as it brings forth unpleasant memories. Auschwitz was one of the concentration camps Nazis built to brutally murder jews back in 1940. People were given fanciful hopes that they would get jobs. However, they were imprisoned and tortured to death once they arrived at the death camp. No one exactly knows how many individuals were sent to Auschwitz. However, over 1.1 million were brutally murdered in Auschwitz alone.

Inside look of Nazi’s concentration camp, Auschwitz.

Human history has so much to offer as uncountable brutalities took place in the past. In 2016, the archaeologists of Poland stumbled upon a hoard of over 16000 belongings of the victims. The belongings contained various bags, thermometers, empty bottles of medicine, remnants of shoes, jewellery, cutlery, watches, brushes, tobacco pipes, and lighters.

The experts preserved the belongings, and they are now housed in Auschwitz. Personal belongings that have been preserved and are in perfect condition include over 3,800 suitcases, 5,000 toothbrushes, 110,000 shoes, and various prosthetic limbs.

Like animals to slaughter, humans were picked by the doctors who only wished to conduct experiments on human beings. They cut their limbs, sealed their eyes, and performed various other brutalities. The belongings tell a haunting tale of despair and loss. Auschwitz is not the only camp that existed during that time. Multiple torture cells were constructed to murder people similarly.

It is unfortunate that no help was provided to the victims when they needed the most. Auschwitz was liberated on 27th January 1945. It was then turned into a museum. The people who were alive died soon after; some of them, however, lived. Each belonging of the victim depicts how miserable life was within the walls of Auschwitz.

There is a room in Auschwitz in which thousands of eyeglasses, ponytails, hair and other personal belongings of the victims lie. The management of Auschwitz does not allow visitors to click pictures in that particular room. The prisoners were forced to shave their heads and wear a striped uniform upon arriving at Auschwitz. They had no idea that they would not get out alive. As stated above, over a million of them died within the walls of the death camp.

The people who were responsible for the deaths, including Adolf Hitler, fled and later ended their own lives. It is believed that the head doctor who performed various brutal experiments on the prisoners escaped and lived in disguise throughout his life. He used to perform illegal abortions for a living and died as an old man.

Again, the belongings tell us a tale of all those who could not elevate their voices for themselves. Auschwitz is a massive part of human history. A history that will remain dark until the end of the world. Whatever happened in the Nazi concentration camps was nothing but a massacre. People who reside on the other side of the world are not even aware of what happened during World War II. However, it is essential to remember and cherish the ones who lost their lives and left small remnants of themselves behind. All the aforementioned artefacts are on display in the museum of Auschwitz.

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