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The Eye of Horus and Its Deeply Rooted Connection to Medicine, Myth and Art in Egypt

The Eye of Horus is also known as Wadjet and Udjat. People generally associate it with healing, power, and survival.

Egypt’s Eye of Horus represents a haunting tale of betrayal, royalty, murder, and loss.

The Eye of Horus is also known as Wadjet and Udjat. People generally associate it with healing, power, and survival.

Thousands of people all over the globe still don its amulets around their necks to shield themselves from the unforeseeable evil or future.

The history of the Eye of Horus is an interesting one. It is believed that the eye belonged to Horus, who was the son of Osiris and Isis. He lost his eye while battling his uncle, Set.

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Egyptian mythology tells us that Set started a dispute when Osiris ascended the throne and became the king of Egypt. Set could not endure this, and brutally murdered his brother. It is said that Osiris’ wife, Isis, was pregnant with Horus when her husband was assassinated.

The Falcon God; Horus. Source: Shutterstock

Osiris became the god of the Underworld and Isis raised Horus on her own. However, Horus took revenge when he reached adulthood. He challenged his uncle and fought him in a series of battles. While fighting his uncle, he lost his eye. His uncle, Set, was defeated, but Horus was left with one eye. Horus’ eye was later on restored by his consort, Hathor.

Since Horus’ eye was magically healed, ancient Egyptians started associating it with healing powers. Furthermore, the Eye of Horus is quite popular. Some call it the ‘Eye of the Mind’, ‘Third Eye’, ‘Eye of the Truth or Insight’, etc. It was extensively regarded in ancient Egypt. We oftentimes see ‘Rx’ on pharmacies and prescription pads. Rx is derived from the Latin word ‘recipe’. Various theories indicate that the ‘Rx’ symbol was acquired from the Eye of Hours. This is just a theory, though. Moreover, certain modern-day theorists claim that our brain resembles the ‘Eye’. They say that it still has uncountable uncovered secrets.

All in all, it is quite unclear if the ‘Eye’ has magical powers or not. It was extensively used in multiple ancient structures such as temples and monuments. The archaeologists and experts were quite astonished when they stumbled upon it in multiple temples and started piecing the history together. They initially took it from art’s perspective. However, they eventually realised that it held a great deal of significance in ancient Egyptian culture.

Another story revolves around the ‘Eye’; some documents indicate that the mother of Horus, Isis, deliberately took his eye out of the socket. She was the one who divided it into six pieces. Each piece held some sort of special power. The mathematicians of ancient Egypt took the concept of numbers from their mythology.

As I have stated above, the experts are not certain about the Eye of Horus’ powers or abilities. However, people from all over the globe still adore the Eye mainly because it provides them with happiness and tranquillity. People hang the Eye of Horus’ pictures and amulets at home to fend off all sorts of evil energies. It has become a tradition in various households.

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