The Motorbike of the Future is Here and it is Fully Awesome

Behold people, the motorbike of the future is here.

BMW, the German multinational company which currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945, has just presented a prototype of the motorcycle of the future: the Motorrad Vision Next 100.

Motorrad Vision Next 100. Image Credit: BMW
Motorrad Vision Next 100. Image Credit: BMW

The vehicle, of incredible avant-garde design, will be propelled by electric power and will feature an innovative self-balancing system among other things.

According to reports, the futuristic motorbike will completely free you from needing to wear helmets or protective gear while driving.

Motorrad Vision Next 100 is complemented by an intelligent vizor that will allow drivers a real-time access to all necessary information while driving.

And while the bike really looks badassssss, it is still in development mode, meaning that we still have no idea when it will hit the market.

BMW ensures that the vehicle will offer an innovative experience for the most experienced motorcyclists, and will be much safer than the motorcycles that are currently driven around the world.

The bike will look and feel like something brought back from the future.

As noted by BMW, the frame aka ‘Flexframe’, will help steer the bike by adjusting and flexing itself (How cool is that?).

However, and most importantly, the bike’s body will be flexible during low-speed maneuvers and will stiffen itself for high speeds.

As explained by TopSpeed, the Motorrad Vision Next 100 is a literal meaning of ‘blow your mind’ level. With no official statements about its production, availability or costs, it is half a century early to say anything much about this concept. In the next century, BMW hopes that experiencing the environment with all your senses will be a more literal meaning than what it already is with the helmet and your (now feeling) cheap riding gear.

Featured image credit TopSpeed.

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