The Pentagon Changes its UFO Statement Claiming UFOs Were Never Investigated

December 2017 the Pentagon: "Yes, we investigated UFOs and spent $22 million doing so." December 2019: "No, we never investigated UFOs, and previous reports are not fact-based."

Back in 2017, it seemed that UFO hunters and Ufologists around the globe were getting what they hoped for, for so many years: Disclosure on Aliens and Unidentified Flying Objects.

In December of 2017, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Politico who ran articles saying that UFOs–now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena–were the focus of a secret government program backed by the Pentagon.

This stance remained for nearly two years, and people were convinced that the government had been running, for a long time now, secret UFO research programs in hopes to understand the odd aerial phenomena and get to the bottom of the many mysteries surrounding the alleged alien visitations.

The program was called AATIP, short for Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, and it began back in 2007 with a funding of $22 million over the five years until the available appropriations were ended in 2012. This secretive–although now well-known program–was led by a man called Luiz Elizondo–now a member of the “To the Stars Academy–who resigned from the Pentagon in October 2017, as a sign of protest to the government’s secrecy and opposition of the investigation.

The story which started in December of 2017 quickly grew in popularity and less than two years, became the very foundation of what many people believed was the time for UFO Disclosure.

On May 22, 2019, Pentagon spokesman Christopher Sherwood confirmed to the New York Post that the program “did pursue research and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena,” in other words UFOs.


The story was greatly expanded and just four days later on May 26, 2019, the New York Times published another article. It reported how US Navy Pilots briefed AATIP on encounters they had with unexplained flying objects during the summer of 2014 to March 2015 while patrolling the East Coast of the United States.

The AATIP has generated a 490-page report that documents worldwide UFO sightings over several decades. This report has still not been released to the public.

A change in the Pentagon’s stance

However, just as the Pentagon abruptly admitted it did research Unidentified Flying Objects, or as they prefer to call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, back in 2017, nearly two years later, all of a sudden, they claim that this was not the case.

As reported by the Black Vault, it has been revealed that the Pentagon now claims that AATIP was not a UFO, nor UAP program.

Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough revealed in an email to the Black Vault that “Neither AATIP nor AAWSAP were UAP related.”

Gough clarified that “The purpose of AATIP was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapons system applications with future technology projections over the next 40 years, and to create a center of expertise on advanced aerospace technologies.”

The recent comments from the Pentagon come as a great surprise representing one of the most dramatic about-cades on the topic since AATIP was revealed in 2017, explains the Black Vault.

This is true, especially since the NY post’s article titled The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs which proved many skeptics wrong, opening the path towards disclosure.

No more than 7 months later, the Pentagon’s stance on the matter abruptly changer. Although the article from the NY Post was accurately reported bad based on facts, the Pentagon is now trying to “correct” it saying that it was not entirely fact-based.

This new stance of the Pentagon where it rejects investigations into the UFO phenomenon clearly conflicts with details and evidence gathered and presented to the public by former Department of Defense (DOD) employee, Luis Elizondo.

What do you think happened that made the Pentagon change their stance on UFOs so abruptly?

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