This Awkward Image of Clouds Taken by the ISS Does Not Show a UFO

No, this isn't a UFO, and it is not a secret space technology.

Everyone loves a mystery. And apparently various tabloids love to make the most of them. It has been claimed that a UFO was spotted in a NASA image bursting through Earth’s clouds.

A YouTube video posted by the “conspiracy” channel ThirdPhaseofTheMoon has sparked controversy after posting a series of images taken aboard the International Space Station by astronauts orbiting Earth in the state-of-the-art science lab.

It has been claimed by the YouTube channel that a strange image of Earth, showing ripples in clouds is actually the ultimate evidence of UFOs entering Earth’s atmosphere.

The image–and video–were quickly spread across the internet by different tabloids and people on social networks: ISS cameras spot images of Soundwaves traveling across the clouds of our planet and it must be either a UFO or a kind of new space technology it was claimed.

The image captured by NASA astronauts while the ISS was traveling above the Atlantic Ocean shows an odd cloud formation that may be confused with “something” inside the clouds creating ripples.

It was picked up by Blake and Brett Cousins, netizens who continually post space-related content on their YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon, most of which is supposed evidence of alien activity on Earth. The sensational title of the video reads: “They Can’t Hide NOW! NASA Can’t Explain What Was Captured Off The Coast Of Antarctica! 2019-2020.”

Whether it is a “craft zipping through the clouds” or soundwaves from a “secret sonic weapon” tested in space – both YouTubers concluded that “whatever it is, it’s massive.”

Because the image is uncanny and many people have not seen anything like this before, extraordinary explanations were given by various people: it has to be a UFO, if not its some sort of secret technology tested from space, or it’s a weather-control experiment. Blake and Brett explain in their video how they do not think that the ISS passed over the odd cloud formation by chance:

“What’s amazing to me is that NASA and the ISS were in the exact spot at the right time to capture this, I think this was an experiment.”

Cloud Wakes spotted above the Atlantic Ocean. Image Credit: NASA.
Cloud Wakes spotted above the Atlantic Ocean. Image Credit: NASA.

Since the admins of the YouTube channel were not able to explain what they saw in the images, they concluded that the images captured by NASA are evidence of either UFO’s zipping through our planet’s clouds, or NASA working on new, highly secretive technology, and the ISS is taking high-resolution images of the experiments from space.

The ripples in the clouds continue for hundreds of miles and are certainly extraordinary. But to explain what caused them we don’t need to use aliens or secret space weapons.

A bit of common sense, reading and science is just enough to explain the odd cloud formation spotted by NASA’s astronauts.

Despite this people opted to post their own theories of the mysterious cloud formation on the YouTube channel. One person explained that it is possible how the International Space Station was shooting down a laser beam towards the Earth:

Its possible the space station is aiming a beam down at the clouds as it circles earth and photographing the results at the same time, that explains how they happened to be at the right spot, they are testing a space based Particle weapon or something to do with weather control! [sic]

Other users believe that whatever this thing is, its high tech:

The evidence is clear; sound frequency waves that is clearly being tested while the ISS observes its projectory and affects…

I believe this thing is the after effect a UFO traveling at some crazy a** speed or possibly something we have doing the same thing

However, it is not. In fact, it is not a UFO, it’s not a meteorite, and it is not the ISS shooting down lasers beams at Earth.  What we are looking at there, and what major tabloids have failed to explain so far is that the images show a weather event known as Cloud Wakes.

Cloud Waves are created in this case by Islands. The Islands responsible for the event are the South Sandwich Islands located in the southern Atlantic Ocean, not far from the coast of Antarctica.

Although the image may certainly be odd to some, it isn’t the first time something like it has been photographed.

Here is an image from 2004 posted by NASA’s Earth Observatory which clearly explains why the clouds adopted such a shape:

In the Southern Atlantic, a chain of eleven volcanic islands rises up from the ocean in an arc that extends roughly 240 miles (400 km) north to south. As is apparent in this true-color image, the islands are tall enough to disrupt the cloud patterns forming and flowing around them.

Here’s the image:

An image of cloud wakes seen from space. Image Credit: Earth Observatory NASA.
An image of cloud wakes seen from space. Image Credit: Earth Observatory NASA.

As you can see we are not looking at UFOs, space weapons or secret experiments in space, but at the image of a normal and quite common phenomenon.

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