Image Credit: YouTube / morn1415.

This Fascinating Video Shows the Incredible Scale of Black Holes

Recently, a group of around 200 astronomers made history as they revealed the first ever direct image of a black hole.

Using the Event Horizon Telescope, which is basically a virtual telescope composed of a planet-scale array of eight ground-based radio telescopes forged through international collaboration, astronomers managed to image the black hole located around 50 million light years away from Earth, in the M87 galaxy.

The First image of a black hole. Image Credit: NSF.
The First image of a black hole. Image Credit: NSF.

The Black Hole, which measures 40 billion kilometers across–or nearly three million times the size of our planet– has been described as a cosmic monster’. The image of the black hole was seen as a massive science changing event that confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Image Credit: YouTube / morn1415.
Image Credit: YouTube / morn1415.

All of the above sounds impressive, and learning that the black hole is 40 billion kilometers across is something we can’t even phantom in our heads. But to just get an idea of the scale of how bit Black Holes can be, this incredible video shows us a comparison of different black holes, which make the M87 image of a black hole an even greater achievement.

One of the Black Holes seen in the video is a cosmic monster located at the very center of the Phoenix Galaxy. It has a mass of around 20 BILLION Suns.

For comparison, the black hole we recently photographed has a mass of around 6.5 billion suns.

Also, don’t forget to check out this, to get an idea of how bit the M87 Black Hole is, compared to our little solar system.

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