An illustration of the map of the universe. Image Credit: Map of the universe.

This Interactive Online Map of the Universe Will Blow Your Mind

Using data gathered by the Sloan Digital Survey of the night sky, astronomers have created a never-before-seen map of the universe, displaying 200,000 galaxies' real position and colors.


Using pinpoint accuracy and sweeping beauty, a newly created map of the universe shows the entire known cosmos for the first time. Using data gathered over two decades by Johnson Hopkins University astronomers, the map provides the public with access to data previously unavailable to the general public. An interactive map, displaying 200,000 galaxies’ real position and colors, is available online, where it can also be downloaded for free. This data has been analyzed by astrophysicists worldwide for years, resulting in thousands of scientific papers and discoveries. However, no one took the time to make a beautiful, scientifically accurate, and user-friendly map.

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey

This is an attempt to present the universe as it really is by Johnson Hopkins University astronomers. And all of this was possible thanks to the so-called Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Sloan Digital Sky Survey is an innovative project that records the night sky with a telescope based in New Mexico. In order to capture this unusually wide perspective, the telescope was aimed at slightly different locations each night for years.

A slice of the unvierse

Former Johns Hopkins computer science student Nikita Shtarkman helped Brice Ménard construct this map of about 200,000 galaxies, which visualizes a slice of the universe. There are billions of stars and planets in every galaxy represented by a dot on the map. At the bottom of the map, near the bottom, there is a small dot that represents the Milky Way. This map is even more colorful due to the expansion of the universe. In general, the farther an object is, the redder it appears. Almost 13.7 billion years after the Big Bang, the map shows the first flash of radiation. Access the map by clicking here.


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