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This Man Claims There Are Massive Space Arcs Hidden Beneath the Earth

He claims that massive space arcs are hidden beneath the surface, the oceans, and are ready to evacuate humans, animals, and fauna in case of a global catastrophe.


The UFO subject is a hotly debated one. While it is now okay to speak out about unidentified flying objects, this was not always the case. A few years back, UFOs were no more than a conspiracy. And speaking out about it would get you a free ticket into the tinfoil-wearing hat club. Fast forward to 2022, and scientists and even NASA are studying the phenomena. The progress made in studying UFOs is amazing. But there are many dangers ahead of us. And the dangers come not from outer space but from Earth. I am speaking about potential UFO hoaxers and people who aim to sell books and magazines by speaking about the extraordinary without any evidence at hand. Having that said, let me introduce you to a somewhat crazy story about massive space arcs allegedly buried beneath the surface.


Certain subjects and claims will hardly be taken into consideration. Because they do more damage than good. Because they systematically work to destroy any credibility of the UFO subject.  For example, claims about massive arc-like spaceships buried beneath the surface of our world. These alleged motherships are ready to evacuate a large number of people, animals, and fauna from the earth in case of a global crisis. These claims come from professor Michael Salla, an expert in exopolitics. Salla is a self-proclaimed expert in exopolitics and is studying human politics and extraterrestrial affairs. On numerous occasions, Salla has spoken about extraordinary things, alien-related things, while providing obscure evidence to back up his claims.


Somewhat outstandish?

Salla is known for outlandish claims. In the past, he warned that alien reptilians were cooking up an attempt to lead a facial system on the planet. He later explained that the “threat” had been neutralized. During an interview on a podcast, the “extraterrestrial expert” claimed that there are massive ships beneath the surface and the oceans, ready to launch humankind into space. He claimed to have at least six top-confidential sources that can confirm these massive space arcs are found beneath the surface, ocean, and other parts of our solar system. Furthermore, he claims that one of his sources works in the United States army. This individual, said Salla, was even inside these so-called mega arcs.


Claims, and more claims

Salla claims that his source had been on these massive arcs both on the moon and under the ocean. Salla explained what he meant when he referred to the space arcs. Essentially, these are mega spacecraft that can carry massive payloads into space. These would activate in the case of a global catastrophe that would render the earth inhospitable. It’s kind of like an arc, as described in Noah’s Arc in the legend. It’s enormous, like a mothership, and it’s designed to evacuate large numbers of people, animals, and flora during a time of catastrophe,” he explained in the podcast.

Okay there

And that’s a cool story. But how would such massive ships, if they exist, leave earth’s atmosphere? Looking at this story, I can’t help but wonder how such an enormous ship could be hidden and the technology behind it. Obviously, Salla must be referring to some lost, advanced technology hidden from the public and prying eyes. All In all, he presented viewers and listeners of the podcast with all the necessary details that make up a conspiracy. And what a conspiracy, because according to Salla, we are already living in the time of Star Trek. Albeit in the movie franchise, these massive space arcs are built in space, in giant space factories. I would love for such a story to be true, but in the end, the cost of hiding something like this, especially in today’s world of information, would be impossible to do.

Not to mention that, as Salla claims, these things are in the solar system, some of our telescopes, and even amateur telescopes, would have picked these up by now. The only mysterious thing we did find was ‘Oumuamua, but that’s unrelated to this man’s claims.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

I've been writing passionately about ancient civilizations, history, alien life, and various other subjects for more than eight years. You may have seen me appear on Discovery Channel's What On Earth series, History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and Gaia's Ancient Civilizations among others.

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